Zooey Deschanel Bra Size

Zooey Deschanel

She was born as Zoooey Claire Deschanel on the 17th of January 1980 in Los Angeles California. She has taken up several roles in show biz including acting, singing and song writing. Her mother was an actress and her father a cinematographer. She spent most of her life travelling from one place to another as her father’s job demanded. She made her debut in 1999 in the film Mumford. She came to prominence the following year after she played what is considered her most important role in the history of her acting career: Anita Miller. This role is termed important since it is what got her to prominence. She played this role in the movie Almost Famous.

Zooey Deschanel Bra Size

Speculations are that her bra size is 34B . question of the actress’s bra size arose when it was noticed that she had developed relatively big assets. She is an actress who has been involved with cosmetic surgery right from her twenties and there is a possibility that she had her boobs enhanced at the same time. Unlike facial surgeries which are easier to identify regardless of the actress’s age, breast enlargement done right at the time of puberty is not easy to tell unless something goes wrong or the actress openly talks about it. Since most of these female personalities do not like to tell the truth. You are left to speculate on how and why some of them have boobs that do not age no matter the number of years they have lived.  Zooey’s boobs is one such case, tough not too big for her body frame, they appear surgically enhanced.

Good Genes Or Breast Implants

There are women who are blessed with the good genes but it seems like Zooey is not one of them. She was blessed with the looks which she is criticized of distorting with too much surgery. Her bobs are believed to have transformed in an unnatural manner. She may have taken advantage of puberty and had the implants unnoticed. However, now that she has grown out f puberty, it is easy to spot the unnatural nature of her boobs. At the age of 34, she still has a hot body enhanced by round, firm and tight boobs. To be fair to her, you could argue that she also wears push up bras but then again, how comes her boobs do not sag even when she is in her bikinis? Do you believe this could be as a result of good genes?

Surgery Results

Zooey Deschanel bra size is the only of her surgeries that is rated as excellent. This must be the only source of her consolation considering how much criticism she has received or what she has done to her face. It is sad when celebrities lose their beauty to cosmetic surgery but luckily, she still can boast of a hot body. Looking at her age now and considering the speculated period of her surgery, you can safely say that she was over ambitious to become a fully fledged Hollywood sex symbol. Her choices of surgery were unnecessary and it was too soon for her to have them. The need for the surgery will inevitably present itself in the near future and the world will be watching to see what she will have to do then.

Zooey Quiet over the Surgeries

It is not a surprise that she has refused o comment on the ongoing speculations. This can be associated with the fact that she has received too much criticism for them. Even so, her silence is not needed as the changes in her face and body can be seen.


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