Most famous Celebrities Breast Implants

Most famous Celebrities Breast Implants

Celebrity Breast Implants

Breast augmentation procedures are ranked number one among the most famous cosmetic surgery among young women in Hollywood. When it comes to accentuating the body figure, the breasts are the perfect area to work on. The feminine curve can be enhanced by either increasing or reducing the size of the breasts in relation to the general body frame. Celebrities are always seeking to attain perfection and plastic surgery is the answer to their dreams. Despite the many celebrities who have had their breasts augmentated, there are some who are more famous for this procedure than others. This fame does not necessarily mean that they are famous that the jobs were done to precision but the jobs can be safely described as peculiar for both positive and negative reasons.

Celebrities Known for Their Huge Breast Implants

Of the top 10 most famous celebrities breast implants, seven of the jobs can be classified as the best jobs. Breast implants just like any other cosmetic surgery procedure has the potential of bearing both positive and negative results. However, if a celebrity is lucky to benefit from a good surgeon she can transform her feminine curve to one to die for. Attention hungry Hollywood celebrities who have benefited from immensley huge, and some say even perfect breast implants, include the ones listed below

Pamela Anderson is a renowned American celebrity whose looks have been widely talked about. She has been thought to have benefited from a number of nips and tucks especially on the facial area. However, her most famous is the breast implants, her breast implants have transformed her into a sex symbol who has appeared on the cover of the play boy magazine twice.

Victoria Beckham member of the Spice Girls is also famous for her breast implants. The sexy pop star has benefited from her implants. Her fame rose with her new assets as her feminine curve became more enhanced.

Dolly Parton breast implants have been a hot topic on social media sites. She is among the celebrities who went over the roof with their preference for implants. Her breasts are thought to be a DDD but they look perfect on her. She has always admitted to have engaged in other surgeries but her breasts are the most famous of her surgeries.

Anne Nicole Smith famously known as the topless dancer in a Houston based bar was no longer famous for her not so ideal career but for her amazing beauty and breast implants. After winning the play boy competition, she rose to fame and her newly acquired assets took her placed by transforming her into one hot sex symbol.

Janet Jackson the famous member of the Jackson’s family: a Pop and R&B family is also known for the speculated breast implants. Her breast sizes have undergone a transformation as a result of implants.

Celebrities Famous For Botched Breast Implants

The list of the most famous celebrities breast surgeries will be incomplete without a look at the celebrities whose image s suffered due to breast procedures gone wrong. They include :

Tara Reid is famous for her botched surgery which cost her her career. Her botched job distorted the shape of her breasts and gave her an imperfect pair that did not even balance with her body size.

The famous singer, rapper and songwriter Lil Kim is also famous for her breast augmentation procedure. Most critics have rated her surgery results as terrible.

Heidi Montag is famous for distorting her natural breasts twice! If you look at her after photos you will agree that the star was better with her natural breasts.




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