How to Get Bigger Breasts: How to Make Your Boobs Grow

how to get bigger breasts

How to Get Bigger Boobs

Studies show that 80% of women are not happy with their breast size and shape. Out of the 80%, a good number want their breasts to be bigger and rounder. Many of us women are in constant pursuit of firmer and bigger breasts. While others have opted for surgical procedures to enhance the size of their breasts, there are several other effective ways to make the breasts look bigger without having to go through the surgeon’s knife. Want to know how to make your boobs grow? The following are some tips on how to make your breasts bigger and firmer to make them more attractive.

Eat a healthy diet

woman with fruits rejecting junk food

The breasts, just like any other part of the body, need nurturing and proper nutrient intake for them to be at their best. Therefore taking a balanced diet rich in all the necessary nutrients i.e. protein, carbohydrates and vitamins is very essential in your quest to make your breasts bigger. Proteins aid in growth and development while vitamins aid in rejuvenating the body and the skin on your breasts. Some good sources of proteins are lean meat, fish, chicken, nuts and dairies like milk. Vitamin sources that could boost the size of your breasts are papaya juice and citrus fruits.



Another important aspect in your breasts growth journey is exercising. Fitness and a healthy lifestyle is the main key to help you get natural breast enhancement. There are particular exercises that have been proven to help boost breasts growth and to firm them up. Such exercises include push-ups, dumbbell chest presses and wall press. These exercises when done religiously and consistently can help boost your bust safely and naturally. Such exercises firm up the muscles making them bigger and more elastic. Constant exercising focused on the chest area have proven to be very effective in boosting the breasts size. However, while exercising, be careful not to include fat reducing exercises which may be working to reverse your efforts. The breasts are basically composed of fatty tissues which give them their size. Exercises that reduce fat can therefore reduce the fat in the breasts and interfere with the size.

Breast Growth with Hormonal Intake

Hormonal intake

Some hormones that are known to aid in breast enlargement include estrogen, progesterone and prolactin which is produced during puberty. Estrogen is a sex hormone that is very essential in a woman’s body. It is responsible for the development of most of the female reproductive system, breasts included. Taking food rich is estrogen can help enhance breast growth. Such foods include soya, lentils and oats which contain phytoestrogen hormone that will stimulate estrogen production in the body. Prolactin on the other hand can be stimulated by massaging the breasts and taking herbs such as fenugreek and wild yam.

Massaging to help Boob Growth


How to get big boobs? Massaging the breasts, as mentioned earlier stimulates the production of prolactin hormone which is helpful in breast growth. Massaging the breasts regularly also helps to boost blood flow to the breasts, supplying them with all the necessary nutrients to aid in growth and development. This beauty routine is effective and can surprisingly increase your cup size in just a couple of weeks!

Natural Breast Enlargement with herbs and supplements

herbs and supplements

Some natural health stores have supplements and herbs that are specifically meant for breast enlargement. One can try these supplements and herbs such as fenugreek and soya in addition to exercises to fasten their breasts growth. Some people also claim that birth control pills have helped them a great deal in making their breasts larger.

Wear good supportive bras


All the other methods of breast enlargement cannot last long without the support of a good bra. Finding a nicely fitting bra will save your breasts the hustle of having to struggle to stay upright. The thing with most support bras is that they somehow act like push up bras to give the boobs a lift. Regularly wearing support bras will get the breast used to being erect and they will maintain the uprightness. The best thing to do is to go for a breast measurement to know your cup size and help you choose bras that fit perfectly.

At the end of the day A major part of the appearance of breasts is what you wear as foundation. There are bras that round and pull them in so they look like two halves of a melon. Those can help produce the appearance of cleavage but from a side angle the breasts will look smaller because they are pulled in.
The type of bras that allow the breasts to extend forward are usually full cup and would show if the top had a low neckline.
So a girl has to decide if she wants smooth, round melon shaped breast or if she prefers to push them straight out.

So if you were looking for ways and tips on how to increase breast size-  All in all, one should weigh the options they have depending on how fast they want to see results. It has been proven that natural options, though they might take some time, are the best since they do not have any harmful side effects on the body. Surgery and pills on the other hand may have major side effects on the body.


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