Rosie Huntington-whiteley Bra Size

Rosie Huntington-whiteley bra size

Rosie Huntington – Whiteley

She was born as Rosie Alice Huntington Whiteley on the 18th of April 1982 in Freedom Fields Hospital in Plymouth, Devon. She is a renowned English actress and model. Her prominence is attested to the fact that she works for the renowned Lingerie retailer: Victoria Secret and Burbey. This prominence landed her the role of Carly Spenser in the Transformers: Dark of the Moon; this is the third installment of the Transformer series. She is famous for her slender but curvy body. The pretty faced celebrity has been on tabloids with in regards to her bra size. She has given her fans something new to talk about other than her usual glamorous body. As a model, it is not a secret that she relies on her hot body to deal with the competition from her fellow pretty faced Victoria models.

Rosie Huntington – Whiteley Bra Size

Her cup size is rated at 34 B. This is a medium size but on her body, it is something else. Since she is was blessed with a small body frame and her extremely flat tummy, her boobs looks much bigger than they really are. In pictures of her clad in a bikini, you get to see how round and firm her bobs are. She barely needs to support them. Being a woman in her thirties, there is a possibility that she has had a subtly procedure to maintain this tight pair of boobs. A breast lift is the speculated of her surgery as opposed to a breast implants.

Breast Enhancement or Not?

The fact that the actress is a Vitoria Secret angel is the number one factor that has led to the speculations on her bob size. Rumor has it that all the models working for this lingerie retailer have benefited from a nip and a tuck. Being young and hot girls, breast enhancement is the most common surgery among them. It is understandable if the model had this procedure in a bid to fit in and even compete with the rest of her colleagues. Competing in her natural form would be unfair and she would probably be fighting a lost battle. The actress has been associated with many other surgeries most of which she has been criticized for indulging in. from her choices , it is clear that she is intent on keeping herself from getting old making the breast enhancement speculations more valid.

Surgery Results

The speculated boob job is so far the only positive of her surgery. From this procedure, she at least manages to take the attention from her face since she offers the world a hot body to stare at. She has managed to bring back her lost glory with one simple procedure and this is a decision she deserves to celebrate. Rosie Huntington Whiteley bra size makes her hotter. It completes her image without living her a weird appearance. Although she got carried away at some point in her quest to stay young, the perfect boob job seems like her first step towards making things right.

What Rosie Thinks Of Her Own Surgery

She is yet another actress who has refused to put an end to the speculations. She has not responded to them and this could mean anything depending on your imagination. If the rumors have hint of truth in them, then she is lucky that her boob job went well. She should not allow the fear of old age to control her. This will make her indulge in many unnecessary surgeries, a thing she will regret in the future. The model should stay tight and wait for the right time to have the other surgeries since she will get there soon.


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