Saggy Breasts: How To Prevent Saggy Breasts

saggy breasts

Best Ways To Prevent Sagging Breasts

Sagging breasts are cause of embarrassment and insecurity to many women. Although some factors that cause sagging breasts are unavoidable such as boobs after breastfeeding and aging, neglecting the breasts and not taking a proper diet can also cause them to sag. The breast is made of fatty tissues and glands which are covered by elastic skin. During pregnancy, milk formation occurs in the glands causing them to enlarge and the breasts to sag due to the added weight. Some other causes of sagging breasts is smoking and drastic or fluctuating weight loss or gain. The good news is that sagging breasts can be restored to their former perky or erect form. Also if your boobies are just fine and you want to prevent them from sagging, here are a few tips that will guide you on what to do and what to avoid to get or maintain firm boobs.

Maintain weight

Maintain weight

As mentioned above, drastic weight gain or loss can cause the breasts to sag due to fat reduction and regaining. Even though the skin on the breasts is elastic, it cannot withstand constant fluctuating weight gain and/or loss. You can maintain your weight by exercising and eating a healthy diet.

Eat healthy


Eating healthy is part and parcel of caring for your twins. Some foods such as whole grains and proteins help in healthy development of the breasts. It is also advisable to eat food rich in vitamin C and estrogen. Vitamin C foods include papaya, oranges, carrots and many of the citrus fruits while estrogen rich foods include pomegranate, fenugreek and wild yam herbs. Vitamin C helps to keep the breasts skin young and elastic while estrogen stimulates breast growth and firmness.

Breast firming workouts

dumbbell exercises

Breast firming workouts not only help to prevent saggy breasts but also restore already saggy breasts back to firmness. Some breast firming exercises such as push-ups and some dumbbell exercises help to firm up the breasts. Although the breasts are not made of muscle, these exercises help to stimulate firmness and blood flow towards the breasts, which keeps them from sagging and also strengthen the tissue supporting them. Breasts after breastfeeding feel soft and even empty, so starting a workout routine along with eating healthy will be a great way to firm your breasts.

Natural breast lift by Drinking up Water

Drink up

Water is as good for your breasts as it is for your whole body. Drinking at least 1.5 liters of water in a day will help to rejuvenate your skin and to keep it elastic. This includes your breasts which need maximum elasticity to keep them healthy.

Sleeping position

sleeping on your back

Believe it or not, your sleeping position has great influence on the shape of your breasts. Some sleeping positions have been found to be unhealthy for the breasts. The right sleeping position to prevent your breasts from sagging and have a firm breast is sleeping on your back. Sleeping sideways makes either of your breasts to sag because they fall towards the side you are sleeping on.

Support Bras – Wear a good bra


A good bra is an asset if you want to prevent your breasts from sagging. Your efforts to maintain the perkiness of your breasts will be wasted if you wear an unfitting bra. A good bra supports the breasts and keeps them in the right position.

Pamper your breasts


A recent study shows that the breasts age faster than the rest of the body parts. This is basically because he breasts are not made up of muscles like most parts of the body. This means the tissues can easily collapse if they are not taken care of properly. Also, the skin covering the breasts is very thin and is prone to aging faster. Some good lotions and massage creams are known to help the skin on the breasts tighter preventing them from sagging. Regularly massaging the breasts will also keep them upright and prevent them from collapsing.

What to avoid


Well now you know what you should do to prevent your breasts from sagging but there are also things you need to avoid to prevent gravity from taking a toll on your boobies. You should get rid of bad habits such as smoking, bad bras and bad eating habits. Also do not subject your breasts to unnecessary movement which makes them bounce around. Otherwise, when movement is unavoidable such as during workout, a good sports bra will save the day. It is also important to avoid the harsh UV rays from the sun which can damage the skin on the breasts. This can be done by applying sunscreen whenever you expose yourself to the sun.


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