Types Of Breasts

types of breasts

Types Of Natural Breasts and Pictures of Breasts

Breasts have been universally classified into various types depending on their shape and size. The shape and size of a woman’s breasts are determined by different factors such as genetics, age, lifestyle, diet and the kind of treatment they are given during their development. There are different categories of breasts just the same way there are different cups and sizes of bras. The following guide will provide you with some information on the basic types of breasts that women from all walks of life possess. The following guide and female breast photos will also help you to identify the classification under which your breasts fall.

Perfect breasts (Ideal real boobs)

This is the standard breast shape of a fully developed woman. Standard breasts are well rounded and the nipple is pointed outwards and stands parallel to the ground. Standard or perfect breasts are often perky and stand out erect against the chest. Even though this breast type is considered ideal, there are not so many women who have this kind of breast. It is very rare to find naturally perfect breasts like this ones and most women who have this type got them through implants or rather cosmetic surgical procedures. Also, women who go for cosmetic surgery do so to acquire this shape of breasts.

large/ Great breasts

large breasts

These are breasts which are bigger and rounder in size than the standard woman’s breasts. Women with such breasts have excessive fatty tissues in their breast area and therefore their breasts are larger in size. In some cultures, such breasts are the ideal or perfect breasts for a woman and are considered desirable. Large nipples and areolas are often associated with this type of breasts. Women with large breasts are often advised to wear the right bras for their boobs so as to avoid sagging.

Tubular breasts


Tubular breasts are a complete opposite of the standard or perfect breasts. They are thin and tube like in appearance. Many cases of tubular breasts are usually caused by breast anomalies or abnormality or sometimes lack of care and good support. Sometimes referred to as constricted breasts, tubular breasts are characterized by smaller nipples and areola. Most people consider tubular breasts undesirable and some women with this type of breasts have opted for cosmetic surgery to correct their condition.

Conical shaped breasts/ Pointy boobs

conical bra

Apparently, this type of breasts is very common among women with leaner bodies since they don’t have much fatty tissues in their breasts. Conical shaped breasts have a conical or triangular shape with the nipples pointing outwards. Women with conical breasts usually have a hard time getting the perfect bras for their breasts since most of the time, their breasts don’t fill up the bra cups fully. Contour bras and push up bras are recommended for such kind of breasts to give them a rounder shape.

Swooping breasts

Looking at the breast images above, you’ll see that swooping breasts are kind of similar to conical breasts but appear to swoop inwards such that the nipples appear to be pointing upwards and are more or less parallel to the ground. Most of the time people confuse swooping breasts to sagging breasts. On the contrary, swooping breasts do not sag but are not as round at the same time. Push up bras are used to enhance the appearance of such breasts and to fill up the upper curving part of the breast.

Saggy boobs


Saggy breasts are just normal breasts which have been overpowered by gravity and usually the nipples point downwards. Unlike tubular breasts which may be caused by abnormalities, sagging breasts more often than not are caused by neglect and improper care of the breasts. Also, aging and breast feeding can cause one to have sagging breasts. Most lactating mothers usually have this kind of breasts since their breasts tissues are worn out due to excessive stretching during milk formation. On a brighter side, sagging breasts can regain their perkiness and roundness with some exercise routines and following an appropriate diet.

Small breasts/ Young Breasts

Small breasts are common among teenagers and young women whose bodies are not yet fully developed. Small breasts are much smaller in size and structure. The nipple and areola are also usually very small in size. The breast fatty tissues are often not well developed or are just underdeveloped in the case of more mature women.


Doesn’t matter the type of breast you have, always remember: Breasts are beautiful, no matter what size or shape.


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