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Stephanie was born in Miami Florida in 1978. She is a television personality who has worked with weather channel since 2003. She has one of the most unique female shapes. Her shoulders are wide, her bust is wide too but her hips are hips are narrow. Her large bust has been the trending topic on gossip columns. She is a 34 C and this is no small size especially for a woman with hips as narrow as hers. Despite that it may seem obvious that her breasts are natural; there are some speculators who do not believe in this. There have been claims that she has had her breasts enhanced through surgery.

Stephanie Abrams Bra Size 

The 34 C Stephanie is the subject of breast implant speculations. With her personality, it is difficult to imagine that she is has gone under the knife to increase her bust size. She has always been a large woman. It is not unexpected that she will have an exaggerated bra size. Breast augmentation procedures are common among women with small or extremely large boobs who prefer to either increase or reduce their bob size. If the weather reporter had decided to have her breasts altered, it is more likely that she would have considered a breast reduction procedure. From her figure, it is less likely that she will need to increase the size of her upper body.

Truth or Speculations? 

Pretty faced Stephanie seems to be a victim of gossip. Aside from the fact that her breasts look natural, there is little evidence to prove that she has undergone a spur of the moment transformation. Breasts grow gradually and the first indicator of an implant is an all of a sudden change in the size and shape of breasts. Like most celebrities and television personalities, the star may have discovered the push up bra trick. Push up bras add firmness and body to the breasts. Additionally, wearing the right bra size firms up the breast and gives the impression of a dense boob. She has not responded to these claims creating more uncertainties regarding her bra size.

Surgery Results 

It is yet to be proven that the allegations leveled against the star are true. Despite this, speculators believe that she did not need to have her breasts enhanced. It has been argued that she could benefit from a breast reduction procedure that will reduce her bust size to match the size of her narrow hips. However, there is nothing wrong if she decides to stick to her natural form, after all nature is beauty. As long as she maintains her sophisticated taste in fashion, she will benefit from the popularity all these allegations are bringing her way.

What Do Critics Have To Say? 

Critics are at loggerheads over the truth in Stephanie Abrams bra size allegations. However, it is difficult to believe that she has gone under the knife when she has been a natural beauty throughout her career. Some critics who have argued in her favor think that the perceived difference in her bust size should be attested to weight gain issues. The breast is one area of a woman’s body that is affected whenever a woman’s weight either increases or decreases. With her silence over the issue, you can only depend on your personal judgment to ascertain if the allegations are true.


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  1. Stephanie Abrams is a beautiful woman today, but she did not always look that way. I believe she did get a breast augmentation. I remember back in the day when she was much younger, her face looked totally different. Her face changed drastically and I definitely believe she had plastic surgery done on it. You never see much younger pictures of her on the internet because she totally looked different back then. Because of this, I believe she had work done on her breasts.

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