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Sofia Vergara was born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia. She is known for her beautiful enhanced feminine curves .She is a successful actress who has rocked show biz with her acting talent. It seems like nature was not only generous to her in terms of curves but also in her breasts. She is a well endowed woman no doubt and plastic surgery speculations have been circulating concerning her boob size. Sofia Vergara bra size is a creation of nature to awe about. The Colombian actress has openly shared her breast size with her fans: they stand at 32 F. This size is not easy to come by given that most women are known to be D as a maximum but a size F is surely a rarity.

Breast Implant Speculations 

Speculators have created a norm of looking into the reasons behind celebrity transformation. Sofia Vergara’s case was brought to the public when the Colombian born sex symbol showed up with her flaunted front assets. Her 32 F’s are so big that you would not fail to notice just by a single glance at her photos. Despite their size, the acting sensation knows the perfect clothes for her body. The speculations have been following her long since she has been in the acting industry. In her case, speculators have very little evidence to ascertain their claims since the star has not shown any sudden transformation.

How True Are These Speculations? 

Aside from the fact that the acting sensation is a well endowed woman, there is very little evidence to support the breast surgery allegations. It would be unfair to assume that her being well endowed means she has turned to plastic surgery. Breast implants are the number one plastic surgery for Hollywood women but this does not mean that any woman with a sexy pair of breast has breast implants to thank. Sofia Vergara breast size could be natural given that her younger photos show that she has the large boob genes.

What Does Sophia Have To Say? 

Sofia Vergara has so much to say about her bra size. She has denied the allegations leveled against her on the claim that she is the boob kind of girl. She has expressed both the good and bad side of her big breasts. As much as she feels happy about her sexy body, her body image is susceptible to too much exposure. She claims that dressing her breasts is not an easy thing especially for the red carpet. She admitted to Vogue that sometimes her attempts to look good are jeopardized by her huge breasts which make her look like a stripper. But she is glad that her sexy boobs have taken her places, the success she has registered in her career is all thanks to them.

Surgery Results 

It cannot be ascertained who is telling the truth regarding Sofia Vergara Bra size. The Colombian born actress has gained much popularity because of her breasts. If the allegations are anything to go by, she knew what she needed to do to her image to bring attention her way. However, if her breasts are all natural, she is one lucky woman to have what other stars have to get under the knife to acquire. She should keep it natural and keep dressing her curvy body and voluptuous breasts the same way.


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    • You are way out of line saying cup size F is a rarity! Excuse me but the media would like you to think that all women fit into a nice neat category of A B C D and DD. But really what the hell is a DD? God forbid a woman have anything greater and if she does it must be quite the rarity right?! WRONG!!!!! Bra size is determined from the overbust to underbust ratio. 1 inch difference is A, 2 is B, 3 is C and so forth. My friends and I all have between 9 and 8 differences in our over bust to underbust ratio making us G’s and H’s. And that’s PERFECTLY NORMAL AND ACTUALLY QUITE COMMON. If you looked at us you couldn’t really tell because our body figures are PROPORTIONAL! There is absolutely no limit to bra sizes and being a larger size while yes it is harder to show for bras at a regular old target (Don’t get me started on Victoria Secret because they are a real joke when it comes to properly measuring) but these sizes aren’t uncommon at all. They are, you will find, actually more common than you think.

        • How in the world did you fathom anyone was overweight from that comment?
          40 inch bust and 32 inch underbust (measurement of the ribcage) is hardly an overweight woman, and that also is a G cup size, in the range that does not go into DDD or FF as a size.

          Your ignorance is nothing new either.
          Speaking as someone who does bra fittings, my estimate is that Sofia, if she is a 32 underbust, is probably more like an I or J cup size, but the mainstream isn’t ready to do the math on that.

          • Couldn’t agree more with you Kat. Vergara, if she’s above 5’7 in height, might be a 32 underband, but otherwise she is more like a 30 I. And 32F is truly a very common size. I’d say a 32B is more uncommon than a 32F. Of course, ignoring those celebrities who are a 26H but claim to be a 32B. And as for being overweight, I’m a true 32DD, and slightly overweight, but maybe because I’m only 5’4. People will gawk at the letters DD, however I look more chubby and small busted than most of my 26D counterparts.

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