Alyssa Milano Bra Size

Alyssa Milano bra size

Alyssa Milano

She was born as Alyssa Jayne Milano on the 19th of December 1972 in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. She spent part of her childhood in this place and her family had to move to a safe place after a neighborhood shooting incident. She is the daughter to a fashion designer and talent manager mother and a film and music editor father. Alyssa is of Italian Ancestry. She has played many roles in the television and film industry. She became famous after playing the role of Samantha Miceli in the widely watched television series: Who’s The Boss. She was introduced to the world of fame at the age of eight; this was after she won an open audition. Over 1500 girls turned up for the audition and she was among the four who were chosen. She is also famous for her role in the television series charmed.

Alyssa Milano Bra Size

It seems like Alyssa Milano bra size I not a natural 34 C. it has been observed that the actress had always been a B cups for most of her younger years. It is like she suddenly grew a cup larger. It is believed that she had her cup size increase by a surgeon. Breast implants seem like the only valid explanation for the change. Women do not grow a cup lager over night. This procedure is increasingly becoming famous among female celebrities. It is no secret that women with fuller busts look better in clothes. This desire to look perfect for the red carpet has pushed many women to have their boobs enhanced. A round and firm cup size is the first step to ensuring a curvaceous body.

Speculations or Good Genes?

If you look at her before the claimed surgery, the actress was definitely a B cup. This size looked perfect for her but until she had her C cups, that when the world noticed that this new size brought the best in her. Alyssa is aged 42 and it is expected that her boobs should be sagging by now, the breasts implants might have been her way of accentuating her curve but it might also be her way of ensuring that her body does not succumb to old age. He has a fuller and firmer boob and this is what makes critics almost sure that she has implants. The pushup bra explanation does not also work on her given that there are pictures where she has clearly no support for her boobs yet they have remained round and firm.

What the Actress Has To Say

The actress has proved t be the typical Hollywood celebrity by denying the speculations leveled against her. She has been accused of trying to hide the obvious but you cannot hold this against her since her surgery was obviously a success. She was blessed with firm boobs and this can be seen from her previous B cups. Though not so round, they were obvious firm. The silicon implants have added more flesh making her readily recognizable. She is famous for her looks no doubt but her sexy figure has surgery helped her earn a high place in Hollywood.

Surgery Results

Alyssa has always been a highly ranked woman in terms of beauty. With her new cup size, she has earned more admirers. The results of the surgery were amazing since she looks better than before. Her average body build is the perfect size for her 34 C cups, her figure looks fuller and her firm boobs do not give away her age. Hers is a case of killing two birds with one stone. The positive side of cosmetic surgery is highlighted by her results. She has gone to prove that surgery is not always a bad thing. She has hold onto her fame even as she is aging and if she keeps up this disciplined relationship with surgery, she will definitely keep her name alive in the industry.


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