How to Find Bra Size

how to find bra size

It is no secret that many women find problems with regard to the determination of their accurate bra size. This is universal shortcoming leads to untold agony as they keep making blind guesses at the boutique. Some methods of determining bra size are often complex and time-consuming, which renders them inappropriate and useless to the intended beneficiaries. Without the knowledge of how to find the right bra size, women end up dressing inappropriately, or enduring a lot of discomfort because of choosing bras that do not fit. Some find themselves choosing bras that are too tight while others find themselves with awkward bras that are too loose to bring out the true curves of their busts.

The Basic Requirements of Calculating the Right Bra Size:

Any woman of designer who wants to find an accurate bra size should begin by finding the band measurement followed by the bust size. These two steps should lead to the determination the results with reference to a standard chart that matches the numbers obtained from the calculations to the true bra size. The most reliable results are usually obtained when the woman is not wearing a bra. It is also necessary to ensure that the measurements are obtained from a reliable tape based on universally accepted standards.

Begin by Finding Your Band Size:

The band size is obtained by measuring the area directly under the band while making sure that the measuring tape is sufficiently snug. The measurement around the band should be recorded in inches and with utmost accuracy. The standard way of how to find bra size is by using whole numbers. Therefore, the figures obtained should be rounded to the nearest whole number. You should check weather the number obtained is even or odd. In case the number is odd, it should be increased by adding four extra inches. On the other hand, an odd result should be increased by adding five more inches. The results obtained after these additions are the right band size.

The Next Step is the Determination of the Bust Size:

The process of finding the bust measurement is easy and direct. The measuring tape should be wrapped with precision around the fullest part of the bust. Experts recommend that the tape should be adjusted to nipple level in order for the results to manifest the true reflection of the bust measurement. The results in inches should be read accurately and recorded. The value to be used in the calculations should always be rounded to the nearest whole number. There is need to exercise high levels of precision because a simple error during this process could compromise the quality of the results.

The Final Task of Finding Bra Size:

After finding your band size and your bust measurement, it is now time to determine your cup size. This final stage is done by subtracting the band size from the bust measurement. All the figures used in the calculation should be in inches. The value obtained may range between zero and seven or slightly beyond. At this point, reference should be made to the standard chart in order to determine the letter of the alphabet that corresponds to the results of the subtraction. For example, the results could be A, AA, C, DD, or G. The right bra size is determined by combing the band measurement obtained earlier and the letter of the alphabet. For instance, the results could be in the form of 32D, 36C, or 34A.


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