Audrina Patridge Bra Size

Audrina Patridge bra size

She was born on the 9th of May 1985 in Los Angeles California. She is of mixed ancestry. She is a television personality, actress,, model and television presenter. She is a popular actress who rose to fame after being a cast member f the reality television series, The Hills in 2006. The series followed the professional and personal lives of her and her friends. After being brought to the limelight, she developed her career and is now one of the most famous Hollywood personalities. At the age of 29, she has registered so much accomplishment in all aspects of her career. She has posed for the Maxim male magazine, a dream of every upcoming model. Naturally, an accomplished celebrity like her has a great influence on her fans sparking debates on how much of her is natural. She has been followed by surgery speculations throughout her career. The actress has been associated by many surgeries but the most intriguing of her surgeries is the double breast augmentation.

Audrina Patridge Bra Size

As a model, all of her curves are in there places giving her an enviable hour glass shape. She breasts seem to be growing everyday and at a very fast rate, a thing that is unexpected of a woman of her age. Just a year shy of thirty, it is not natural that the size of her breasts increase without an external influence like weight gain. This is very indicative of the fact that cosmetic surgery is in play. While she was still new in the industry, her breast size increased a bit sending people to confusion on the cause of eth sudden change. While others were convinced that she had had implants, there were some who were willing to give her the benefit of doubt on the claim that her body was yet to reach the peak of its maturity. However, the second round of boob growth to the current 34 C has left a good number convinced that she has implants.

Breast Implants Speculations

When it comes to breast implants, most women are cautious at first, they rarely go for large implants. However, when the first surgery is a success, most of them go back for larger implants it is speculated that Audrina went back for the larger implants right after posing for the Maxim male magazine. This is a fact Dr. Di Saia is in agreement with. According to the doctor, the actress’s breasts have the signs of being worked on by a surgeon. He observes that the implants look like they have been placed not less than a year before, this is after observing a photo of her currently trending on the social media sites. The evidence against Audrina Patridge bra size is overwhelming enough to convince you that she used implants to turn her front assets in the big, full, rounded and firm curvy assets.

What Does She Have To Say?

The actress is obviously impressed by her new Bra size. This is evident in the manner in which she flaunts her boobs. It has been claimed that she use her boobs and beauty to push her career further, this is not a new phenomenon among Hollywood celebrities. The surgeries were a great success even though she refuses to admit that she had them. She claims that her boobs are natural and that the rumors are based on lack of knowledge on what is going on with her. According to her, her breasts are pear shaped because she suffers from a certain condition. She is not the first celebrity to deny the obvious but you cannot deny that she was blessed with a hot body and her new boobs suit her perfectly.


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