Heidi Klum Bra Size

Heidi Klum bra size

Heidi Klum

She was born as Heidi Klum on the 1st of June 1973 in Bergisch Gladbach , she is the typical example of a modern woman: hardworking and self independent. She is a model, television host, business woman, fashion designer and a television producer. She also takes up different acting roles though occasionally. She is a beautiful German citizen who also acquired an American citizenship in 2008 while retaining that of her original country. She acquired international prominence after she was the cover model of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She is also famed as the first German model to become a Victorian Secret Angel. This surely goes a long way to show how much of a talented professional she is.

Heidi Klum Bra Size

The German model is a 36 C. This is a huge size especially for her not so huge body frame. Her boobs are not only big but huge and firm. At the age of 41, she is still one of the sexiest women in Hollywood and the German acting industry. She looks half her age despite the fact that she is a mother of four. She has been associated with many other surgeries but enhanced boob is the most eye catching of her surgeries. Her transformations are also recorded as being all of a sudden. The only natural instances associated with an increase in the breasts are when there is weight gain, child birth or growth.

Breast Implants or Child Birth?

When the model was pregnant with her child, her boobs increased the natural way as it is with other women. However, this change never lasts long since after breast feeding it is expected that the boobs will start sagging. You should not forget that she is a mother of three and at the age of 41, it is impossible for her boobs to be firm and round as they are without the help of surgeon. Pictures of Heidi before the speculated bob enhancement show that she was an A cup, being a model there are plenty of her bikini clad photos all over the internet. However, just after she has become a mom, her bobs transformed to 36 C and not temporary as expected but permanently. Seriously, something else is at play here.

I Am Scared Of Cosmetic Surgery Says Heidi

Despite the many rumors circulating about her relationship with cosmetic surgery, Heidi insists that she is a natural and has had nothing to do with cosmetic surgery. In fact, she claims that she is scared of cosmetic surgery. Her fear is not out of the fact that things may go wrong but out of the fact that she is afraid of a sudden transformation. Cosmetic surgery brings changes but the changes are usually adverse if there is too much use. Moderate indulgence leads to moderate and sometimes unnoticeable changes. If she wants people to believe her, then she should consider giving an explanation to the changes she has undergone over the past few years.

Surgery Results

She is another celebrity who has refused to give her surgeon public acknowledgement but her fans have done that for her. The results of her boob job are extremely amazing and she is a mommy makeover to be celebrated. As a model, she needs to have a hot body and she should not be afraid to admit that she needed the help of surgeons to hold onto her career. It would be unreasonable to expect that after three births, a woman’s body will remain the same. Her reason for a boob enhancement seems justifiable and the results make her decision worth the time and money spent.


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