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She is a famous American actress and television host. Born on the 18th of July 1964 in Asbury Park New Jersey, she has rise to fame as one of the celebrities who are most conscious of their appearances. Her popularity as a TV host is associated with her television program Wendy Williams Show. On the other hand, her popularity as an actress was realized after her role in Think Like a Man. The now mother of one has been followed by plastic surgery speculations centered on her bust size among other part so her body. She has been speculated to have gone under the knife not more than once but her double breast surgeries have drawn the most concern. The shape of her breasts seems too perfect for a woman her age.

Wendy Williams Bra Size  

Wendy Williams has the much sought after hour glass shape. She has a heavy bust which has been speculated to be as a result plastic surgery. She is also among the women in Hollywood rated to have heavy busts. She is a 34 FF. with this size; there is no doubt that she is a voluptuous woman with a very wide bust. It is natural for women who have given birth to have huge boobs but Williams’s case is certainly beyond giving birth. Her breasts are not only big but dense and firm in an unnatural way.

Wendy Williams Breast Implants 

The television host has publicly confirmed that the allegations leveled against her are real. In fact she has admitted that she has had her breasts altered twice. Her first round was in 2009 where she had them firmed up and matched to the size of her hips. Later, after giving birth, she went for the second round of implants to repair the damage her breasts had incurred during pregnancy. Wendy is a woman who cares so much about her appearance and it seems like she is not willing to lose this battle to nature. Clearly, her 34 FF are as a result of implants just like speculators had thought. She is among the very few celebrities who have confirmed their ongoing cosmetic enhancement speculations.

Why Did She Enhance Her Bust? 

The talented actress has been battling with overweight tissue for some time. She must have felt the need to combine the breast implants with a liposuction procedure to maintain her hour glass shape in place. In her before photos, she had relatively small boobs that did not suit her voluptuous figure. This is thought to be another reason behind her decision to increase her bust to the double F’s. The desire for perfection has been an evident attribute of the television host, so all her nips and tucks are geared towards fulfilling this desire.

Did She Really Need The Surgery? 

She is a large woman and the large breasts are perfect for her body size. It completes her figure and looking at her photos before the said surgeries, you can safely conclude that she was not as hot as she is post surgery. The essence of a breast enhancement procedure is not only to enhance the body shape but to give a celebrity confidence in herself. Wendy is a happy mother and a confident celebrity thanks to her new bra size which has placed her in the best mommy makeover list.


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