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The world learnt about Candice Swanepoel because of her glamorous appearance on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The South African supermodel ascended the pinnacle of celebrity glamour with spellbinding character and a splendid physical presence. It would be a toll order for anybody to diminish Swanepoel’s beauty judging from the overwhelming positive influence, which she seemed to impart on the world. Apart from her great display of beauty in the world of fashion, fans and gossip centers have focused on matters around her bust and lifestyle. The growing interest on discussions around Candice Swanepoel bra size is sufficient proof of the model’s outstanding glamour and pageantry.

Why Swanepoel’s Fans Believe She Looks Stunning in her Bra Size:

It is no longer secret that Candice Swanepoel wears a size 33B bra size. The celebrity has a natural fondness for scanty tops, which provide more than just a hint on the shape and size of her breasts. She has always shown an amazing cleavage that remains the subject of celebrity gossip for good and bad reasons. Once in a while, Swanepoel appears in the media and glamorous celebrity magazines with fabulously designed garments that give proof of some secret determination to remain ageless despite the gravity of time. On several occasion, Swanepoel allowed the world to see her topless photographs in a way that ignited endless questions on whether she is real of plastic.

Fending off Endless Claims of Plastic Surgery:

Critics are experiencing an uphill task in their bid to find fault in Swanepoel’s body and bust. The ever active voices in the celebrity grapevine are adamant on the opinion that the South African star enlisted the skills of a competent plastic surgeon to help refine the feminine contours around her bust. Many of them argue that the amazing curves on the model’s chest have their origin on factors that are not entirely natural. Those who buy into this line of argument have the duty to convince the world that Swanepoel appeared very different in her past photographs as compared to the way she appears today. Many insist that she had much smaller boobs. Others hold that the boobs were not as rounded as they appear today.

The Allure of Fashion and the Magic Bra:

It is not sufficient to imagine of Swanepoel’s contribution to the world of fashion without linking her to the sensation that she brought with the magic bra. It would be appropriate to consider her influence with the magic bra as one of her finest moments in the world of fashion. The South African model has always remained an icon of beauty because of her creative selection of bras that accentuate the best parts of her marvelous body. In many ways, the star remains the embodiment of glamour in a world that is split between nature and plastic enhancements.

The Mad Rush towards the Hourglass Allure:

The dominant forces in the world of fashion have always insisted on the need to strive towards the true standards of beauty based on the hourglass figure. Critics of fashion and beauty believe that it would be wrong to arrest the world in a singular definition of beauty because it denies the world a lot of advantages that come with variety. There are good reasons to provide alternatives in the interpretation of women’s beauty ideals.


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