Fit Girls: Hottest Female Fitness Models of 2016

Fit Girls: Hottest Female Fitness Models of 2016

Fit Girls: Hottest Female Fitness Models of 2016 of 2016

Fitness has become a lifestyle for many people nowadays. Commonly associated with men, some women have defied the norm and embraced fitness in a whole new level, making it even more appealing. From weight lifters to bikini fitness modeling, these women have made fitness part and parcel of their day to day life. Here is a list, in no particular order, of the top 25 hottest female fitness chicks to reckon with. Most of them share their fitness regimen on their Instagram and other social media outlets pages.

#25. Tracy Anderson

Tracy AndersonTracy Anderson is a fitness trainer known for training famous personalities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Stacy Keibler and Molly Sims. Aside from fitness, the blonde beauty also follows a strict nutritional diet to keep her and her trainees bodies fit and healthy.

#24. Chloe Meltzer

chloeDo you like gym girls? Dabbed “Iron Barbie”, Chloe is an online fitness trainer cum nutritional diet coach who shares her workout videos and fitness advice on social and mainstream media. Her videos consist of exercises that stress on muscle building and low carb diet food.

#23. Caitlin Rice

Caitlin RiceA former fashion model, Caitlin’s fitness routine consists of simple non-strenuous workouts like sit ups, minor weight lifting and crunches. She is very popular for her enviable hourglass shape with a sexy butt. Caitlin transformed from fashion modeling to fitness modeling since she found fitness to be more fulfilling.

#22. Caitlin Turner

Caitlin TurnerThis is another fitness model who practices a unique fitness regimen by travelling different parts of the world doing yoga for fitness. Caitlin amazes her followers by how effortlessly she can contort and bend her body in unimaginable ways.

#21. Cassey Ho

Cassey HoHaving appeared among the top 25 health and fitness influencers in the world, this fitness beauty shares an array of Pilates workouts with her massive following on Instagram and other social media. To spice up her incredible workout programs, she also shares her nutritional meals on her page.

#20. Fitness Girls: Diana Johnson and Felicia Oreb

Diana Johnson and Felicia OrebJust as two is better than one, this Aussie dynamic duo started a fitness journey four years ago targeting women who want to lose weight after child birth. These two sexy fit girls would hold fitness boot camps where they would train some women. As the number of trainees grew, they formed the Base Body Babes where they share not only fitness tips but also healthy eating and fashion advice.

#19. Alice Matos

Alice MatosAlice Matos is a Brazilian IFBB bikini athlete, fitness clothing company owner, fashion blogger and social media fitness sensation. She shares lots of fitness and health tips on her social media pages.

#18. Fitness Babes: Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn

Katrina Scott and Karina DawnThis is another pair of hot fitness girls that has taken social media by storm. Starting from YouTube sharing amazing fitness tips and healthy recipes and inspiration to starting a TV fitness show, these two have become a pair to reckon with in the fitness world.

#17. Marjolein Blokland

Marjolein BloklandEver heard of pole dancing for fitness? Well, this Kenyan fitness prodigy takes fitness to a whole new level by engaging in pole dancing for fitness. As a trainer, she combines kick boxing and pole dancing into her fitness regimen and training.

#16. Sitorabanu Israilova

SitorabanuSitorabanu is a Russian beauty fitness girl who takes pride in flaunting her incredibly fit and sexy body, encouraging her followers to work out to achieve a body like hers.

#15. Lais Deleon

Lais DeleonLais is a bikini and fitness model popular on Instagram as @Laisdeleon. She shares her fitness workouts, healthy recipes and motivational fitness messages with her followers.

#14. Qimmah Russo

QimmahA boot camp personal trainer and fitness model, Qimmah provides her followers with captivating fitness workouts and motivation on her page.

#13, Andreia Brazier

Andreia BrazierIn the fitness world, Andreia is a three time WBFF fitness model world champion who is famously known for her magical core which is commonly talked about.

#12. Lisa Morales

Lisa MoralesThis fitness sensation has featured in a number of fitness magazines as well as beauty magazines, thanks to her amazing physique. Lisa, like many fitness models shares her workouts and diet pictures with her social media followers.

#11. Lyzabeth Lopez

Lyzabeth LopezAnother fitness beauty with an additional enthusiasm for fashion, health, beauty and adventure, Lyzabeth is also a nutritionist and personal trainer. She is also a TV host and has authored a few books sharing her passions which are fitness, fashion, health and beauty.

#10. Daphne Joy

Daphne JoyDaphne is famously known as the former girlfriend of hip hop rapper 50 Cent. She is also a notable fitness model who has featured in numerous magazines.

#9. Annette Milbers

Annette MilbersSurprisingly, this sexy fitness model is a mother of two and it is hardly noticeable if looks were anything to go by. She has also won many fitness competitions such as the Faremon Model Search and Northern Fitness championships being a trainer and a writer.

#8. Paige Hathaway

Paige HathawayPaige received notable recognition after coming second in the Ronnie Coleman Classic. At the moment she is a full time fitness model and business woman. She also shares her unique fitness workouts and healthy recipes.

#7. Bella Falconi

Bella FalconiA personal trainer, life coach and fitness model, Bella Falconi is the ultimate combination of beauty and fitness. Her Instagram page is a wholistic and motivational fitness hub where she shares her workout routine and health tips.

#6. Ana Cheri

Ana CheriAna Cheri is one of the most sought after fitness models popular for her incredibly sexy body and a pretty face to top it all off. Farmer’s walks and deadlifts seem to be her thing despite being such a pretty face.

#5. Amanda Latona

Amanda LatonaA former singer, Amanda found her passion for fitness as a boost for a healthy living. She has also won a number of bikini and fitness competitions because of her appealing body. She motivates her trainees giving them the best workout and diet advice for a healthy body.

#4. Whitney Miller

Whitney MillerWhitney Miller is the former Miss United States who also does wake surfing professionally. Besides that, she aspires to earn a Jiu Jitsu black belt. Whitney’s fitness path is indeed a unique one not followed by many.

#3. Emily Skye

Emily SkyeOne of the hottest girls on Instagram! Emily Skye is an inspirational fitness model whose Instagram page is ablaze with many fitness tips, diet advice and a loyal following who love to check out these tips. She also founded the Fitness Inspiration Transformation (F.I.T) program.

#2. Dianna Dahlgren

DiannaDianna’s love for fitness started when she was still young as she participated in gymnastics while in school. This propelled her into fitness modelling as she grew up and has won several fitness awards such as the IFBB Bikini Pro among others,

#1. Massy Arias

Massy AriasMassy is not only an Instagram celebrity but also a personal trainer and talented health coach. With over 1 million followers, she inspires many people with her easy how-to videos that she shares daily on her page.

We hope you enjoyed our hot fit girls list! For more photos check these fitness chicks Instagram accounts!


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