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The American model and actress was born on the 12th of April 1987 in Kettering, Ohio in the United States. At only 27 years old, she has had a flourishing career and this is attested to her breathtaking appearances. As a fashion model, it is expected that she has one killer body with all the curves in their places. The Ohio born actress has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swim suit issue and also as a cover girl of the 2010 issue of the same magazine. In her 2010 appearance, she flaunts a considerable amount of boob giving a much appreciated view of a possible breast implant. It has been speculated that she is a 36 DD which is considered a big size.

Brooklyn Decker bra size

Her 36DD’s have been the course of plastic surgery speculations. It has been alleged that she has had her breasts filled with implants to attain this size. Her breasts are full and firm but this is not thought to be natural. She has a hot body like most models do. Most models are known to be in love with plastic surgery especially breast augmentation. They have learnt that the trick of having a sexy body is to enhance the breasts to a size proportional to the body frame. Most of them work at making their wastes smaller and increasing the bust size to match that of the hips.

What Do Critics Have To Say? 

Plastic surgery speculations are difficult to prove without the celebrity’s confirmation. However, when an accredited surgeon adds in a professional view, the speculations are not easily dismissed. According to Dr. Jennifer Walden, Brooklyn Decker’s breasts do not look natural. She claims that the star’s breasts have the tell tale signs of a breast implant. She further adds that she has also benefited from Botox. However, the breast implants allegations from the surgeon are of much interest to speculators since they echo all their allegations. The celebrity has not responded to any of these allegations and this makes it difficult to prove whether or not there is any truth in the critic’s claims.

Surgery Results 

According to the images displayed on her after photos, there is nothing wrong with her surgery. The alleged breast implants enhanced her bra size to the right size for her body. As a model, the new set of boobs is of good use to her since it is within her professional requirements. A successful boob enhancement procedure is supposed to bear such results. The celebrity’s body is all in proportion and her feminine built has not been interfered with. Hers is a case of objective surgery.

Was The Surgery Necessary? 

Despite the seemingly overwhelming evidence to support the surgery allegations leveled against the star, it cannot be conclusively said that the speculations are correct. If the star had her breasts augmentated, then it was for the sake of her career. She had to find a way of staying afloat the competition in Hollywood. She has enjoyed popularity in showbiz and aside from her good looks; her bra size has played a major role in this. If the acting sensation was sure that her boobs needed enhancing and the results were this stunning, she should be commended for it. She was lucky to have a case of good surgeons too.


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