Celebrity Bra Sizes

Maria Sharapova Bra Size

Celebrities are known to be over conscious of their looks bra sizes included. Bra sizes do a lot for a celebrity by transforming one plain figured woman into an attractive curvy woman. Celebrity bra sizes have been the topic of many gossip columns with speculators desperate to find whose breast size is real and whose is fake. Every celebrity seems to be dying for a firm and dense pair of breast preferably of the same measurement with the hips in order to attain the hourglass shape. To alter their breast sizes, celebrities opt to either increase or decrease their breast size to the preferred cup size. Trending on the internet are celebrity body measurements which estimate boobs, waist and hip size of different celebrities.

Reasons behind Celebrity Altered Bra Sizes 

Most celebrities are not satisfied with their natural appearances. They seek to fit into the Hollywood’s definition of beauty. Additionally, fans also exert pressure on celebrities. They forget that celebrities are human by setting unattainable physical expectations for celebrities. If you doubt this, study the appearances of the most loved and adored celebrities. You will realize that they are the ideal Hollywood beauties who have gone under the knife to accentuate their appearances. Altering bra sizes has become a necessity for celebrities. However, this does not mean that every Hollywood celebrity has altered their bra sizes. There are some celebrities who have invested in quality pushup bras to accentuate their natural breasts.

Fame and Bra Sizes 

A celebrity cannot make it in showbiz without a sense of self esteem. Showbiz does not put much emphasis on inner beauty but on the physical beauty instead. The first step to feeling good is looking good and having the right bra size is one step towards looking good. Boobs that enhance a celebrity’s image provide a sense of self worth and a heightened self esteem. With this, the celebrity can attain a competitive edge in showbiz. Finally, celebrities have earned lots of fame when their bra sizes have been speculated upon. This means that for those who enjoy the right kind of fame, have experienced an uptick in their career success.

Celebrity Downfall and Bra Sizes 

Some celebrities in their consciousness of their boob size go over the roof in their plastic surgery aspirations only to mark the beginning of the end of their careers. These group of celebrities have ended up distorting their body shapes by having breast implants poorly fixed making them unable to flaunt their assets on the red carpet. Breast flaunting is an image and career booster in Hollywood provided it is done with the attractive pair of breasts. The negative remarks which later accompany such botched jobs kill a celebrity’s career since they shift focus from their career to the plastic surgery gone wrong.


Celebrity bra sizes have been widely talked about in social media sites. This is indicative of how much of the Hollywood’s concept of ideal beauty has dictated what celebrities do with their bodies. The stigma associated with plastic surgery is becoming less applicable in the present day society. This means that plastic surgery is no longer a no go zone. Many female celebrities have gone for silicone implants and the results have been amazing. However, there is the group who have tasted the other side of breast implants and they have lived to regret this decision.


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