Adriana Lima Bra Size

Adriana Lima Bra Size

Adriana Lima

She was born on the 12th of June 1981 in Salvador, Bahia Brazil. She is a Brazilian actress and model and best known for her role in the modeling industry as Victoria’s Secret Angel, a role she was awarded in 2000. She is a beautiful woman no doubt whose modeling career began when she was only fifteen years of age. She had no interest in modeling but went for the contest to accompany a friend; little did she know that this was the beginning of a successful career. She came first in Fords Supermodel of Brazil and second in world’s supermodel of the world which was held a year later. She was also a spokes model for Maybelline Cosmetics for six years between 2003 and 2009.

Adriana Lima Bra Size

As a supermodel, she got the world interested in almost everything about her: her bra size not excluded. She is a 34 C, not so big a size and well proportional to the shape and size of her body. She entered into the world of fame at a very tender age and her small body had not yet matured. She underwent puberty right in the face of all her celebrities all over the world and this fact brings about controversies in whether or not she has implants in her boobs. She was previously an A cup: a very common size of young girls whose bodies are yet to develop.

Breast Implants or Not?

Adriana Lima bra size has had speculators arguing over the possibility of surgery. It is claimed that it’s like she woke up one day transformed from an A size to a C cup. Her current cup size is perfect making people question them further. It is claimed that she had a surgeon give her this size since it s a deliberate attempt to enhance her curve. As a model, she needs a hot and stunning body and what better way to achieve this than to have her boobs enhanced? However, a good number still believe that the accusations are baseless and the modeling princess has just grown out of her girlish body. Apparently, she could be blessed with the perfect curve like most supermodels but her being a celebrity makes her a victim of gossip.

What Critics Have To Say

She is a show biz personality whose speculations have attracted the attention of many. A number of accredited surgeons are interested in her case with a good number insisting that she may have benefited from the said procedure. According to Dr. Aston, the supermodel looks different not only in terms of facial appearance but there is a change in the shape of her boobs. This suggests a boob job since a natural increase in her boobs is not supposed to change the original shape of her boobs. Dr. Walden echoes the comments on the claim that her boobs are perky and round as in the case of implants. Dr. Youn also adds his voice in the ongoing debate and claims that although pretty Adriana’s boobs seem natural, they are not since they are to round to be natural.

Surgery Results

If she indeed benefited from the work of a surgeon, she has the job so well done that she even confused the eyes of professionals. She has personally not offered any comment on the trending rumors but the fact that most of the Victoria Secret Angels are associated with cosmetic surgery, it is thought that she too was not left behind. She has been associated with other minor facial surgeries bit her boobs are the cause of controversy but luckily, she looks extremely amazing.


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