Reasons To Love Your Small Breasts

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5 Reasons To Love Your Small Bust

Having small breasts or are you flat chest? Breasts can be a source of worry for every woman out there. It can be because they give us physical pain, or simply because they’re not quite like we’d want them to be. If you’re self conscious about your breats, don’t worry: everyone is. There are a lot of things society and men will say about women’s breasts, including a certain way they have to be so they can be «likable» and «sexy».
Breasts come in different shape, color and size, and they’re all okay! If you have spent some time feeling insecure about breasts that don’t look big enough to be likable: then it’s time to stop. We all know the consensus is that bigger is sexier, but it’s actually a lie. There are many reasons as to why you should love your naturally small breasts, and here are a few of them to give you ideas.


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Whether you want to wear button down shirts, big sweaters, have that 20’s androgynous look or whatever else you feel like putting on, it will fit. There’s no risk that you’ll stretch out designs, you won’t have the embarrassing problem of feeling your shirt bust open simply because your breasts are in the way, and if you want to wear a crop top, it won’t look like a glorified bra. A lot of models have small breasts, and they’re the living proof that they can’t stop you from having a lot of fun with your wardrobe.

Choosing your bras

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Women with big breasts go through hell to find bras that are pretty, fit properly, will hold the breasts up, and won’t cost a house either. You have a lot more choices. Your size is unlikely to run out, and you can wear basically any shape and style. Most importantly: you will find them! The lacy sexy ones are available, but the basic black ones are here for you too. It’s a lot easier for you to find underwear and to switch them up than it is for others. Bonus point for corsets.


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One of the many reasons small breasted women often hate their bodies. Consider your breasts an advantage: you will probably get a lot less shitty men than others. Indeed, you’ll be accidentally avoiding all the sexists guys out there that are just interested in cleavage. You can choose when you want the attention or not: push up bras are here for you if you want them, but the rest of the time, you can cruise through life without repeating the eyes are up there every time you speak to someone. Eventually, when the man you want is interested, you both will find smaller breasts to be a lot more satisfying, as they’re more pleasant to play with. Less fat means more sensation, and a small size means it can be held more easily, if you catch our drift.


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The beach is your kingdom. You can wear anything and it will go amazing. The swimsuit industry basically adores you, and you have plenty of options to have fun in the summer, without feeling self-conscious as you run to the water, while at the same time avoiding unwanted attention as you get a pretty tan in the sand.

Last but not least, your daily life is improved

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You can sleep on your belly without hurting or being uncomfortable. Seat belts aren’t slicing you in half. You can go bra-less if you want, and you won’t feel bad. No back pains! If you love sports, you only need one sports bra, or maybe none at all. No jiggly breasts experience, either. Seriously, you’re avoiding plenty of little things you probably didn’t even think could be a problem. And when you grow old, you won’t have saggy breasts. You always win.

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There are plenty of other reasons to love your small breasts, and it’s up to you to convince yourself of it. You just have to remember it’s a lot less trouble than having big ones, and most importantly: it’s entirely normal. As long as you’re healthy and your breasts aren’t causing any medical trouble, they are as valid as any others. There’s no need to hate them when you can have so much fun with them, whether it be fashion wise or something else. It’s time to get your self-esteem up and take every opportunity you can get to love your own body, as it’s the best thing you can do to improve your mental health and your life. And who doesn’t want that?


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