Holly Willoughby Bra Size

Holly Willoughby

She was born as Holly Marie Willoughby on the 10th of February 1981. She is a British television presenter and a renowned model. Being a model, it is pretty obvious that she has a perfect body shape. She rose to fame at the very tender age of 14; this is when she began her modeling career. After her modeling star shone bright, her prominence was taken a step further when she was chosen to host children television shows. She hosted a number of shows but the most famous was the CITV show Stephen Mulhern. She appeared in a number of teenage magazines. In 2006, she won a BAFTA award. She is an exceptional woman who recorded most of her success at a very tender age but she did not let this get into her head.

Holly Willoughby Bra Size

The British television personality is blessed with a boob size that is in perfect harmony with her his. She is a size 34 B. With her flat tummy and not so wide hips, her features give her an hour glass shape. The enviable beauty is well aware of this fact and what better way to prove it than to flaunt her boobs to the point of being accused of being indecent. Breast flaunting is a common thing among celebrities but fans are used to minimum shows limited to the a little cleavage and side show. However, Holly hit the roof with her flaunt and elicited mixed reactions from her fans.

Plastic Surgery or Natural Perfect Breasts?

With the increase in the number of celebrities who have turned to breast enhancement procedure, every celebrity with a perfect pair of boobs is suspect. Holly has joined the list of the celebrities with possible breast implants. Being a model with her profile, you cannot assume the probability of her succumbing to the pressure to keep it hot. Show biz personalities of British origin are believed to have a higher sense of self control than those in Hollywood. This assumption is derived from the fact that a good number of British celebrities have been reported to insists on keeping it natural even in pictures. This is not the same for Hollywood celebrities who insist on altering their looks to look ideal. This fact has worked in the favor of many British celebrities especially those keen on hiding the fact that they have gone under the scalpel.

They Are Simply Boobs!

This was Holly’s reaction to the stir she ha d created when she publicly showed up in a low cut dress that not only revealed her cleavage but also threatened to spill her boobs out. The conservatives found this outrageous and extremely in decent while others thought it was trendy. Complains flew in the air but this did not seem to bother the star. She laughed them off and claimed that there was nothing wrong with what she did. According to her, she and her hubby found nothing wrong with her exposure and so people should not allow her boobs bother them. Her boobs looks round and really firm in that attire, this fueled the speculations further as it is not easy to assume that the presenting beauty could be enjoying that firmness in her 33rd year.

The Possible Future of Holly

If her bra size is natural, she is lucky enough to have them and maintain them to the point they are in now. She can choose to be bold and different and refuse to depend on surgery even in future given that she already shows the indications of good aging. However, you will never know when a celebrity snaps from natural to plastic.


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