Helen Flanagan Bra Size

Helen Flanagan bra size

Helen Flanagan

Helen Joyce Gabriel Flanagan was born on the 7th of August 1990. She is an English actress and model. She is famous for her role as Robbie Webster in the famous Soap Opera: Coronation Street. The actress has been playing the role for a whole twelve years. He is a beautiful actress who was voted as the most attractive British candidate in 2013 FHM 100 sexiest women in the world poll. Despite her beauty and accomplishment, she has had to deal with self esteem issues which led to anxiety attacks. She recently shared this bit of her life and explained how she had to depend on medication for some time to help treat the depression and bipolar disorders. Luckily, seems like she is back to her normal self since she has a renewed sense of self confidence.

Helen Flanagan Bra Size

Helen Flanagan bra size is 32 DD with some critics speculating the possibility of her being an E. She is a well endowed woman by all means. Her sassy appearance has given birth to a hot debate in social media sites. Looking at her now, it is difficult to imagine that she was a flat chest teenager. This transformation from A to C cups is thought to be instigated by a boob enhancement procedure. However, she could have just grown, women respond differently during puberty and even the slender ones may transform into huge and extremely curvy ones.

Helen Flanagan on Her Mood Disorder

The actress recalls her previous obsession with diets. After she become heavier, she recalls wanting to trim all the excess fats all in an attempt to achieve the supermodel body. She developed the mood disorders and luckily has managed them now. She now celebrates her body, obviously proud of her curves. She has posted many of her selfies in different social media sites all in an attempt to emphasize just how much she loves her new body. She even admits that curves are sexier than being thin. The more weight she gains, the heavier her boobs became. However, this is still not enough to send speculators off her case, a good number of them still believe that there is a possibility the actress has had her boobs firmed up through cosmetic surgery.

What Does The Actress Think Of The Rumors?

The pretty faced Helen has obviously heard about the speculations on her boob size. As a woman who has come to love and appreciate her body, it beats logic that she would have her natural body altered for any reason. She has made it clear that she is proud of her curves and wants no more alteration not even through diets. When asked about her ever changing bust size, she claimed that the size changes depending on when and what she has eaten. She is one in a million to have different bust size during different times of the day. She has also insinuated how she finds it difficult to dress her boobs without looking indecent by saying that she is considering a shift to wearing clothes which cover her whole body.

Has She Benefited From Her Bra Size?

Controversies are known to benefit celebrities a great deal. Helen Flanagan has had her fair share of speculations which has endeared her to her fans even more. Her not so common boob size gives her a sexy and out of this world appearance loved by her fans. She is an amazing celebrity who has set a good example to young teenage girls dealing with self esteem issue by ascertaining the fact that it is just a phase which will be over.


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