Bra Cup Sizes

Bra Cups Guide

Our ultimate list of bra cup sizes, images, tips and bra size charts.

A Cup Breast

32A cup size

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B Cup Breast

36B Bra Size
36B Bra Size

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C Cup Breast

32B cup size

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D Cup Breast

34d bra victoria's secret

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DD Cup Breast

36dd boobs

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E Cup Breast

E cup is concidered a very large breasts size. Natural E cup breast tend to sag with age or due to unhealthy lifestyle. Women will want to have a E cup breast implants, if either sha has a smaller breast size or she has natural E cup breast that sag and she’d like to have a lift surgery. Since E cup is a very large breast size, it wont be a good fit for everyone (or will have a very unnatural look), especially for skinny women with petite body figure.
Check below our list and images of Hollywood celebrities with E cup breast size:

  • Katie Price
  • Eve Meyer
  • Jenna Jameson
  • Keeley Rebecca Hazell
  • Katey Sagal bra
  • Kelly Brook