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32C Breast Size

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Although C cup breasts are generally considered above average, the cup size is not the only determinant of the relative size of a woman’s breasts. The size of the bra cup is proportional to a woman’s back size so cup sizes get larger as the band measurement increases in size. For example, a 32C bra cup is nearly identical in size to the cup of a 30D, a 34B or a 36A bra. In this comparison, the 32C bra fits a woman who has a smaller bone structure than women who wear a 34B or a 36A, but a woman who wears a 32C has a larger bone structure compared to the frame of women who wear a 30D. While a 32C may look proportionally large on a woman who has a small frame, the 32C breasts themselves are not particularly large even though they are a “C” cup.

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32C boobs can look very different depending on lifestyle factors, and genetics, but the most significant factor that determines relative size depends  especially on her body shape and patterns in fat storage. For example, if a woman is a «pear shape,” 32C boobs would look fairly small from front since her hips would be noticeably wider than her small band size measurement. If this same woman had a flat stomach, her 32C breasts would look much more noticeable from the side view since her breasts would protrude more visibly compared to her midsection. On the other hand, if a woman is shaped like an «apple» (defined as carrying her body fat primarily in her stomach), 32C boobs would appear to be relatively small since there would be minimal definition between her breasts and stomach. If a slender and narrow hipped woman had 32C size breasts, her breasts would look large in proportion to her small frame. However, her 32C breasts would still look very small if compared to the breast size of a woman who had 36C size breasts, for example.

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In terms of perkiness, 32C natural breasts tend to be fairly perky since they do not tend to be heavy enough to cause the sagging that is inevitable with larger sizes. 32C breasts tend to look somewhat large on a woman who has a small frame, but the overall breast size itself is not considered overly large. Considering this, some women with this size may be inspired to get breast implants if they prefer a more dramatic looking bust. You will find further discussion about increasing a 32C bra size with breast implants in the next section. It should be noted that natural 32C size breasts are relatively uncommon because most women who have a small enough frame to have a size 32 band size tend to have very little breast tissue naturally. In fact, most celebrities who wear a 32C size bra have had augmentation from a smaller size to reach a 32C.

Although many people think that larger breasts are associated with a higher risk of breast cancer,  smaller breasts are not actually less likely to be at risk. According to research published by Cornell University, “most studies have found no association between breast size and breast cancer risk.”* Even if these findings seem surprising, remember to get regular exams since 32C breasts do not have a lower risk simply because there is less breast tissue than other sizes.

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Although there is nothing wrong with having a 32C breast size, some women with this size consider getting implants to increase their bust size. In particular, if a woman is pear shaped, she may want to increase her chest size in order to balance out the volume of her lower half. Surgeons tend to recommend that a woman pursue implants that are only one or two cup sizes larger than her original size if she wants to achieve a natural look. According to a survey conducted in 2012, most women tend to take this advice because the most commonly requested increase in size was two cup sizes.* Considering this, women with natural 32C breasts would appear to have a relatively natural looking bust if they opted to have a breast augmentation that brought them up to a 32D or 32DD. A woman with a 32C bust, however, would be more likely to look obviously surgically enhanced if she were to request implants that would bring her up to a 32E bra size or larger.

If a woman is hoping to achieve a 32C bra size from a smaller natural size, starting with a 32A or a 32B would create the most natural look. However, increasing from a 32AA bra size to a 32C would probably result in breast implants that look bolted on and very unnatural.

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As with all breast sizes, the appearance of 32C breasts with clothes on will vary depending on a woman’s body shape, the bra that she chooses to wear, and her clothing choices. And, regardless of her body type, if she wears a push up bra with a tight top, her breasts will appear more prominent than if she were to not wear a bra and wear a baggy tshirt.  Especially if a 32C sized woman wears a padded push-up bra, her breasts will definitely be noticeable since her ribcage is small.

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A 32C bra will be larger than that of smaller cup sizes with the same band size, but not in a way that is as dramatic with larger band sizes. For example, the difference between a 36D and a 36A is much more significant than the difference between a 32A and a 32D. Boobs that require a 32C cup size are most likely the size of a small handful; a 32B would be a medium to small sized bump; and a 32A would appear to be a very small bump.

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Below is a list of some celebrities with 32C boobs to show women with a 32C cup size that they are in good company!

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  • USA: 32C
  • Australia/NZ: 10C
  • UK/India: 32D
  • Europe/China/Japan/Hong Kong/Korea: 70D
  • France/Spain/Belgium: 85D

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