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30D Breast Size

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Most people think that D cup breasts are a very large cup size, but the relative size of a woman’s breasts depends on much more than cup size. Cup sizes do not remain consistent across different band sizes and actually increase in size when the band size increases. For example, a 30D bra cup is nearly identical in size to the cup of a 28DD, a 32C, a 34B, or a 36A bra. In this example, the 30D bra fits women who have smaller bone structure than women who wear a 32C, 34B, or a 36A. Using this same example, the women who wear a 30D have a larger bone structure compared to the frame of women who wear a 28DD. While a 30D may look proportionally large on a woman who has a small frame, the 30D breasts themselves are not enormous even though they are a “D” cup.

30D breast size

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The appearance of 30D boobs can vary depending on lifestyle factors, genetics, and also a woman’s body shape and patterns in fat storage. If a woman carries most of her weight in her bottom half, also known as a “pear shape,” her 30D boobs would look fairly small from front since her hips are noticeably wider than her chest. Using this same woman as an example, her 30D breasts would look much more noticeable from the side if her stomach is flat since her breasts would protrude visibly. On the other hand, if a woman has an “apple” shape, meaning that she carries her weight in her stomach, her  30D boobs would appear to be proportionally small since she would have minimal definition between her breasts and stomach. If a slender and narrow hipped woman had 30D breasts, her breasts would look proportionally large since she has a small frame. However, the breasts themselves would look very small if compared to a woman who has 36D breast.  but they would still look very small if compared to a woman who had 36D breasts, for example.    

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Although 30D breasts may look pretty large on a woman who has a small frame, the overall breast size is not considered overly large in terms of breast volume. Because of this, some women with this size may be inspired to get breast implants if they prefer the look of a dramatic bust. You will find further discussion about increasing a 30D bra size with breast implants in the next section. Natural 30D size breasts are relatively uncommon because most women who have a small enough frame to have a size 30 band size tend to have very little body fat and thus minimal breast tissue naturally. With this considered, it is more common for someone to get breast implants to achieve a 30D, rather than try to increase from a 30D.

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30D breasts are usually look relatively large considering the small frame of a woman with a 30 band size, but some women with this size may consider getting implants if they prefer to have a more noticeable bust size. Particularly if a woman falls into the category of pear shaped, she may decide to increase her breast size in an attempt to balance out the width of her lower half. If you have 30D size breasts and would like to increase your size, you should keep in mind that surgeons often suggest that women pursue implants that are within two cup sizes of the original breast size if she wants to achieve a natural look. According to a survey conducted in 2012, most women tend to take this advice because the most commonly requested increase in size was two cup sizes.* Considering the professional advice of plastic surgeons, women with natural 30D breasts would appear to have a natural looking result if they opted to have a breast augmentation that brought them up to a 30DD or 30E. A woman with a 30D bust, however, would probably look surgically enhanced in an obvious way if she were to choose an implant size that would bring her up to a 30F bra size or larger. Since women who wear a 30D size bra have a very small frame, they should keep in mind that choosing an implant size that is too large increases the likelihood that the implants will look bolted on since they do not have much body fat to make the implants appear natural.
If on the other hand, a 30D bra size is the size that a woman desires to achieve after undergoing a breast augmentation from a smaller size, starting with a 30B or a 30C would result in the most natural look. Since increasing more than two sizes tends to result in an obvious augmentation, starting from a 30A bra size would probably result in a very unnatural looking breast enhancement.

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Depending on a woman’s body shape, the bra that she chooses to wear, and her clothing choices, the appearance of 30D breasts can vary significantly. Having said that,  wearing a push up bra with a tight shirt will make the breasts appear more prominent than wearing no bra and an oversized men’s t-shirt. As a rule of thumb, a woman’s breasts will appear larger in clothes when she has a flat stomach. The reason for this is that fabric lays across the body part that protrudes furthest, so if her stomach protrudes further than her breasts, the breasts will not be prominent when wearing clothes.  Especially if a 30D sized woman wears a padded push-up bra and has low body fat on her stomach, her breasts will definitely be noticeable since her ribcage is very small.

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A 30D bra will definitely be larger than that of smaller cup sizes with the same band size; However, this difference will not be as dramatic as with larger band sizes. For example, the difference between a 38D and a 38A is much more significant than the difference between a 30A and a 30D bra size. Boobs that require a 30D cup size are most likely about the size of a handful; a 30C would be a small handful; a 30B would appear to be a small bump; and a 30A would appear to be almost flat-chested.

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  • USA: 30D
  • Australia/NZ: 8D
  • UK/India: 30DD
  • Europe/China/Japan/Hong Kong/Korea: 65E
  • France/Spain/Belgium: 80E

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