Rosario Dawson Bra Size

Rosario Dawson bra size

Rosario Dawson

She was born on the 9th of May 1979 in New York City New York. Rosario is another modern woman who has gone above and beyond to prove that she is not just another beautiful face but one with talent and brains. She pursues a singing, acting and a writing role in the American entertainment industry. She takes after her mother Isabel Celeste who was also a singer and an actress. She was raised by her mother and step dad since her mother never got to marry her biological father. The celebrated singer has also starred in a number of movies and television series including Men in Black, Percy Jackson and Kids among many others. Recently, she caused a stir when pictures of her clad in a green stain dress were all over the media, her boobs being the point of focus.

Rosario Dawson Bra Size

The melodious singer is a 36 D, these are pretty huge boobs. The media had never paid too much attention on her bobs until she showed up with the green dress. She had not only pulled the cleavage show but had managed to round up her boobs in a manner that drew all the attention to her. She was a sight to behold and no doubt there was too much speculations on what she had done to her boobs to make them hot and firm like it is always the dream of any woman. Being a celebrity who has not been associated with surgeries, it is not easy to convince the world that she has had her boobs done but then again , everything has a first time and this could be her first step towards eliminating the signs of aging.

Plastic Surgery or Speculations?

Most celebrity changes are associated with cosmetic surgery. This does not reflect subjective speculations but it is entirely a reflection on how celebrities have decided to turn to this art of beauty in huge numbers. Rosario Dawson bra size is believed to have transformed from B to D cups. Now, if you put her age into consideration, there is seriously no other valid explanation other than cosmetic surgery that could have caused her boobs to nearly pop out of her green dress. She has always been known for her curvy body but has not gained any weight that could explain the increase in her cup size.

What Critics Have To Say

She has gotten the attention of Dr. Anthony Youn who believes that the actress must have done some subtle work on her boobs. According to him, the actress went for the huge implants and by the time she wore the flowing green gown, the implants had not settled in yet making the boobs appear a little bit larger than the size she had intended. Not easy to doubt the words of a professional but the truth can only be confirmed by the actress herself. Most of the times, the surgeons offer contradictory information but then again, celebrities are not known to let their plastic surgery cats out of their bags.

What Is The Result Of Her Surgery?

The cosmetic surgery results are nothing short of stunning. The actress always had a sexy body with all the curves in their places. The choice to go larger must have been based on her attempt to ensure that her boob curve matches that of her waist and luckily, she was successful. She is the talk of social sites and her name is held with so much praise and esteem. Having undergone a successful boob enhancement, she should lay off more surgeries unless the necessity strikes.


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