Mariska Hargitay Bra Size

Mariska Hargitay bra size

Mariska Hargitay

She was born as Mariska Magdolna Hargitay on the 23rd of January 1964 to actress Jayne Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay who was a body builder and actor. She was born in Santa Monica California. She is a former beauty queen with the title of Mrs. Beverly hills. She has been featured in many television and film movies but she is most famous for her role in the television series: Law and Order. She plays the role of Olivia Benson as a special victims unit who help women who have suffered sexual abuse. This role played a big part in her career and life as well. She formed a foundation called the Joyful Heart Foundation to support women who have undergone the same. She also won two nominations: an Emmy and a golden Globe for the same role.

Mariska Hargitay Bra Size

There is no doubt that the actress is an extremely beautiful woman. Being the daughter to a woman who was considered a sex symbol back in the fifties, you can bet that she has most of her mother’s charming genes. Her bra size is 34 C. She has a medium sized body and her boob size is in perfect harmony with her hips. When celebrities tend to show this kind of balance in their form, it is often speculated to be as a result of indulgence in cosmetic surgery. Mariska is aged 50 but she is still nice and firm leading to rumors about what she may be using to age in such a graceful manner.

What Mariska Thinks of Cosmetic Surgery

In an Interview, the former Miss Beverly hills’ shared what it was like to have the whole world set its eyes on you. She explained that it is not easy living up to other people’s expectations. Luckily for her, she had what it takes to become who she is now. She also took the chance to give her views on cosmetic surgery. According to her, she does not see cosmetic surgery as a taboo. In fact, she acknowledges how it has come in handy for celebrities. She however does not advocate for the excessive use, she prefers moderate and a disciplined use of the procedure. Does this mean that she has had the procedure performed on her? She claims that despite her support for surgery, she is yet to try any of the procedures she is being accused of indulging in.

Breast Enhancement or Not?

The reason why Mariska Harggitay bra size is the source of all kinds of speculations is because the actress still boasts of a full ad firm cup size despite the fact that she has very reason to be saggy. First of all, she is aged 50 and it is expected for the signs of aging to have already set in and then she is also a mother of four kids. Breastfeeding four children naturally weighs down on the boobs and it is natural to expect that she should not be tight any more. Despite all these odds, she is still looking refreshed and is believed that she may have gone for a breast lift of a subtle implant to become fuller.

Surgery Results

Being a naturally beautiful woman, she did not have to rely on many procedures on her younger days. However, things are a bit different now and she may have felt the need to use surgery. Although she vehemently denies having her bobs done, she is among the women rated to have registered wonderful cosmetic surgery results. She is still celebrated as one of the successful beautiful women and a successful mommy make over.


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  1. Mariska is the mother of three kids, not four. Two of which are adopted. Did you ever think that 1) her breasts increased in size because she was pregnant… Which tends to happen with most if not all women. And 2) that maybe she is just a beautiful person and by not wearing a lot of makeup when not at work and not wearing it when growing up helped her skin. Not everything comes from plastic surgery. Just because she isn’t against it doesn’t mean that she had any work done.

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