Marion Cotillard Bra Size

Marion Cotillard Bra Size

Marion Cotillard

She was born on the 30th of September 1975 in Paris. She is a French actress famous for her great looks and talent in acting. Aside from her acting career, she is also a spokes person for the Green Peace. She gained worldwide prominence after playing the role of Edith Piaf, a French singer in the movie La Vie en Rose. She has also featured in other movies including Rust and Bone among many others. After her portrayal of Edith Piaf, she earned herself four awards namely: Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, Cesar Award and BAFTA awards. These awards brought her to greater heights and in 2010; she won another Golden Globe nomination for her performance in musical nine.

Marion Cotillard Bra Size

Marion Cotillard bra size has brought her another wave of fame after she transformed from a small cup sized woman to a 32 C. this is not a small transformation making it very noticeable. When a celebrity starts changing, it is not unusual for these changes to be associated with plastic surgery. This may seem unfair but if you consider the rate at which these changes occur, you will understand the reasons behind speculations. The actress is 39 years old and it is very natural for her boobs to increase in size at this age. This leaves cosmetic surgery as the only sensible explanation behind her new look.

Plastic Surgery or Not?

Marion has definitely had implants to increase her cup size. If you look at her current pictures you will agree that no push up bra no matter how firm and padded can be associated with the celebrity’s change. Besides, if push up bras were in play, her boobs would be expected to assume a smaller shape in Bikinis. If the changes had occurred in her earlier years probably in her twenties, then it would have been a different story altogether. She probably saw the need to have the procedure now when she is only a year shy of forty in order to curb sagging breasts. It is not only the face that gives away a woman’s age but her boobs too. Young women have dense and firm assets to flaunt but as they age, they become loose and less round, this causes most of the aging women to go for implants to add density to their saggy boobs.

What Critics Have To Say

Any woman who looks stunning as she ages is an eye catcher. Dr, Youn gives his personal opinion on the speculations on Marion Cottilard bra size. According to him, she must have benefited from her boobs no doubt. He adds that it is impossible for a 39 year old woman to experience a sudden growth in boobs naturally unless he would have at least gained some weight. Since the rest of her body is the same, her new boob size is the actress’s deliberate attempt to remain young and sexy amidst the competition in showbiz.

Has The Surgery Benefited Her?

Since her entrance in showbiz, she was known for her stunning body. Apparently, this is an attribute she is not planning to lose as evidenced by the breast enhancement procedure. Luckily for her, her surgeon knew what he was doing and gave her very perfect assets. She has grown more famous with the surgery and she is sure of holding onto her job and fame for longer. Though the surgery was conservatively done, this is what she needed in order to look hot and stunning. She is an example of good plastic surgery and celebrities should learn from her how moderate surgeries are the way to go in the 21st century.


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