Kristen Stewart Bra Size

Kristen Stewart

She was born as Kristen Jaymes Stewart on the 9th of April 1990 in Los Angeles California. She has both her parents working in the entertainment industry. Her mother Jules Mann – Stewart is a script writer and a onetime film director. Her father on the other hand is a script manager and the television producer who has worked for FOX entertainment. She is famous for her role as Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga film series. She has also played roles in other independent films including the Messenger, On the Road and panic rooms among many others. The actress is one beautiful young woman who has taken the celebrity world by storm. Her beauty and talent made her more the people’s choice.

Kristen Stewart Bra Size

Kristen Stewart bra size has caused more debates in the media. She is a 32 B, a size that is in harmony with her hips. The debate about her boobs is based on the fact that the actress woke up one day and her boobs sprouted from her chest. In her pervious movies, the actress has always been small chest kind of girl and this was a fact that made her unhappy. This is according to a friend of hers who was speaking to the star. Every girl has insecurities about their bodies and it seems like her insecurity was her small boobs. When her boobs grew cups larger, breast implants became as the only viable explanation.

What Critics Have To Say

A celebrity of Kristen’s profile naturally attracts the attention of many critics. According to Dr. Barry M, the actress has indeed done something to her boobs. This is after he studied the difference in the actresses’ boobs in pictures trending on the internet. He claims that the growth is unnatural and the round and firm boobs are indeed enhanced. Dr, Rose agrees with this argument and claims that unless the actress is wearing a super padded push up bra then she has had implants. Dr. Ashkan Ghavami refers to Kristen Stewart bra size as amazing. The surgeon, who has not had the privilege of enhancing Kristen’s boobs insists that the 32 B is a result of enhancement. Kristen seems to have the perfect reason for doing her boobs since it has been claimed that she has wanted to have bigger cups for a very long time.

Plastic Surgery or Speculations?

It is easier to believe that the actress enhanced her boobs than it is to believe that it is the result of a push up bra. The change happened rapidly and seems permanent. The implants must have settled in by now. Looking at her pictures trending on the internet, you can easily tell that she deliberately tried to match the size of her boobs to her hips. This is a common trend among celebrities struggling to attain the hour glass shape. Tough there are no pictures of the actress recovering from the procedure, Dr. Askhan claims that breast enhancement procedure has become more sophisticated that actresses no longer need t spend weeks recovering.

Surgery Results

Kristen Stewart aka Bella swan is an exceptional young lady. Her pretty looks are now complemented by her curvy body. In a time when most celebrities have chosen go big by exaggerating their implant sizes, she went for the medium sized, perfect for her medium sized body. A successful plastic surgery harmonizes sixes of the enhanced features to those of the already existing body features. She has found the sense of self accomplishment she was looking for ad now you can wish her good luck in her career and hope she does not go for any more surgeries.


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