Kirsten Dunst Bra Size

Kirsten Dunst Bra Size

Kirsten Dunst

She was born as Kirsten Caroline Dunst on 30 April 30 1982. She is an American – German actress who is also a singer and a model. She is another woman who has followed the modern woman trend by taking up different roles in the entertainment industry. She released her film debut in Oedipus Wrecks, a short film for the Anthology short film called the New York Stories. She was brought to the limelight at the age of 12. She played as a Claudia: a vampire in the movie Interview with the Vampire. She won a Golden Globe Award for the best supporting actress for playing this role. The stunning actress has had speculators interested in her beauty since she is proving to be another age defying beauty of his century.

Kirsten Dunst Bra Size

A celebrity as beautiful as Kirsten has a great influence on the minds of young girls and she is among the celebrities whose measurements are searched most in Google. Her bra size has been a source of interest. She is a 32 C. women with C cups are busty women and this one being a celebrity will no doubt arouse the breast enhancement speculations. The reason why most celebrities especially those ones with huge busts are rumored to have cosmetic surgery is because Hollywood is a home of trend. Big boobs seem to be the way to go and celebrities are people who go with trends in order to attain a competitive edge. Whenever a celebrity is spotted with a firm pair that seems to have grown over night, it is natural to assume they are benefiting from implants.

The Truth Behind Kirsten Dunst Bra Size

The concept of truth is a very elusive when it comes to celebrity plastic surgery. Celebrities who are expected to offer the true version on what they have and have not done are known as the number one liars. They rarely want for it to be found out that they have indulged in the said procedure leaving speculators to guess. There is not much evidence to support the fact that the reason behind Kirsten’s the round and firm boobs is a breast enhancement procedure. However, most speculators claim that since she showed up with these changes that seemed to have occurred overnight, she might have turned to plastic surgery to help her become who she is. It is simply a matter of an opinion you have to derive after observing the celebrity’s previous and current photos.

I Have Always Had Big Boobs Says Kirsten

This was a shocking revelation coming from a celebrity who is not fond of flaunting her asses. You are used to women giving you the side show, a little cleavage and other provocative mannerisms of dressing the boobs and here comes a celebrity who rarely flaunts her assets and yet she says she has always had them. This was a real shocker as she insinuated that she is not one who uses her beauty more than she does her talents. Saying is one thing but making people believe her is another, this was her explanation even though she has not openly responded to the surgery rumors.

Surgery Results

If the 32 year old made the choice to have her boobs enhanced, then she is lucky to have recorded amazing results. The circulating rumors are still a mystery and she has not made things any better. At 32, she could be free of surgery but you can never be sure that things will remain this way till the end. Sagging boobs are not a pleasing sight and most celebrities are forced to take the decision of facing the scalpel before they lose their glory.


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