Kelly Brook Bra Size

Kelly Brook Bra Size

Kelly Brook

She was born as Kelly Ann Parsons on the 23rd of November 1979 in Rochester Kent to Sandra and Kenneth Parsons. She is n English model, television presenter and actress. She began her career at the tender age of 16 after becoming first in a beauty competition in which she was entered by her mom. After winning this, she was then featured in numerous advertising campaigns until she was discovered by the Editorial team of the Daily Star Tabloid. Initially, she was featured as a page 3 girl but her status improved later to see her featured in many more magazines. The sassy actress is blessed with a hot body which she dresses so well to the point that she sometimes gets the she is too provocative comment.

Kelly Brook Bra Size

The actress is a size 34 D, two cups and to sizes larger from what she was 21 year ago. At the age of fourteen, the actress was 32 D , this is according to her but it is thought that she was a 32 B and this is her attempt camouflage a possible boob enlargement procedure. Her boobs are enormous no doubt and one look at her pictures is enough to tell you that she must have a difficult time dressing them. Luckily, she was blessed with a curvy body too and this auger well with her huge boobs. She has given birth to the usual plastic surgery speculations regarding her boobs.

I Wanted To Be Like The Rest Of My Age Mates At Age 14! Reveals Kelly

When asked about her boobs, she claimed that she has not had any enhancement procedure and that she is naturally a busty woman. She claims at the age of 14, she was already a 32 D a size that was nothing compared to her age mates, this made her feel insecure and out of place. As she has grown older, she has learnt to curb her insecurities by accepting herself for who she is. However, she admits envying Halle Berry’s boobs. She is not as skinny as most models are and she is well aware of this fact. She shuns ideals of beauty and urges every woman to love themselves for who they are instead of starving themselves just to become thin.

What Critics Have To Say

The busty Kelly Brook has attracted a good amount of attention from plastic surgery experts. According to Dr. Jennifer Walden, the celebrity has moderately enhanced her boobs. This is said after Kelly Vehemently denies the rumors. According to Dr. David Shafer, there is a huge possibility that the actress has enhanced her boobs. In fact he insists that Kelly is blessed with huge boobs but she needed a surgeon’s tweaking to help her keep them full round and firm. Dr, Michael Salzhauer echoes the comments by the above two; he claims that it is unnatural for the actress to maintain such huge assets in such a manner without a surgeon’s help.

Surgery Results

Even though the actress has denied the speculations leveled on her boobs, the comments made by the professionals tell a different story. However, the fact that all the three surgeons confirm that Kelly has not had any surgeries on her face place at possibility that she is telling the truth about her boobs since they confirm her claim that she will never indulge in procedures to enhance how she looks and that she is not afraid of old age. She has presented herself another English actress who is unafraid of aging and has no plans for altering her natural looks. We can give her the benefit of the doubt that she is naturally endowed.


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