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Jennette is an American actress born on the 26th of June 1992. The 22 year old actress was born in Long Beach California and raised in Garden Grove. She is a multi talented celebrity with a combination of singing, songwriting and acting skills. Her interest in acting came much later in her life after getting the inspiration from Harrison Ford’s role in Star Wars. The country pop singer has recorded a tremendous level of success in her career. However, her name has also featured in the list of celebrities who have benefited from plastic surgery. It has been speculated that Jennette McCurdy bra size is indicative of breast implants. The star’s size currently stands at 34 C.

Breast Implants or Good Genes? 

Jennette McCurdy is not the first woman on earth to measure at 34C’s; however, she is not just any other woman but a Hollywood celebrity. Celebrities have to account for even the slightest of their transformations and Jennette McCurdy bra size is not what speculators consider a slight transformation. She has every feature expected of a woman in her teen years but her breasts are thought to be too big for her age. When it comes to growth and development, different women have their bodies develop at different rates depending on their genes. To her credit, she could be one of those women blessed with a natural hourglass shape. According to some speculators, her boobs look enhanced and growth is out of question.

What Does Jennette Have To Say? 

Jennette has been very open about her experience in her formative years. She has talked about how her hour glass shape caused her a great deal of embarrassment in her earlier years. At the age of 17, she was one curvy young woman who felt out of place with her friends. Later, she learnt to appreciate the changes her body was going through and learnt to dress up in the sassiest fashions. Surely, if the singing sensation was busty at the age of 17, chances are that she will be bustier at 22 and plastic surgery may not have anything to do with it.

Surgery Results 

Critics who believe that the star has had her breast augmentated think that this is probably the best decision she ever made. Her curvy breasts have transformed her into the ideal Hollywood sex symbol. The enviable beauty has reached the height of her career at a very tender age. Breast surgery is both an image and self esteem booster for any celebrity who does it right. Jennette is a self confident woman whose career has flourished under her elegant image.

What Do Critics Have To Say? 

Jennette McCurdy bra size has been thought to be the major reason behind her transformed looks. Her pair of boobs is proportional to her body frame. If the speculations are true then it would have been wise for the sassy actress to wait a while longer before opting for plastic surgery. However, if her words are true, it is admirable that she was able to overcome the pressure to go for a breast reduction procedure just to fit in with her friends, since she appears to be so good at handling social pressure, there is a possibility that she has not gone under the knife to have the her breast augmentated.


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