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She was born as Regina Marie “Jenna “Fischer on the 7th of March1974 in Fort Wayne, Indiana United States. She is an actress and director who has established a good reputation for herself. She was brought to the spotlight after she was nominated for an Emmy award after playing the role of Pam Halpert in the famous television sitcom The Office. Since then, she has earned herself major roles in television movies and films. She is one of those celebrities who have managed to stay away from unnecessary scandals. Apparently, Hollywood is not a place to lay low; scandals have a way of finding celebrities and within no time, their names are trending all over the internet associated with different scandals. Jenna was not spared from the cosmetic surgery speculations that are usually associated with most Hollywood celebrities.

Jenna Fischer Bra Size 

Jenna has had the amazing set of breasts that have earned her a great deal of attention. Like most slim women with full curvy assets, she has been though to have benefited from plastic surgery. The sassy actress has a slender body but her set of boobs are what most women dream of having. She is a 36 C and this is not thought to be natural given that she already is a mother. Despite all these claims, speculators have not offered any convincing form of evidence to back up the claims leveled against her. With her speculated surgery not being so obvious, the claims are highly debatable.

Reasons behind Her Transformations 

The changes in Jenna’s bust can also be attested to giving birth. Pregnant women experience an increase in their bust size. This is natural for any woman and for some the breast size does not decrease until after the lactation period. Jenna has somehow managed to maintain the same breast size and it is thought it is with the help of an augmentation procedure. This is not reason enough since the actress could have invested in a good number of quality push up bras. Throughout her career, she has not been flaunting her assets unless occasion called for it and this may have kept her real bra size off the radar from speculators.

What She Thinks of Plastic Surgery 

Jenna’s thoughts on plastic surgery further pushes one to dismiss the claims leveled against her. She has expressed a love for nature and her lack of interest in any procedures. If her words are to go by, she has openly declared that she does not care whether or not her breasts hang. This can be interpreted to mean that she is not the type to reverse the aging process through unnatural means. Some celebrities stay true to their words while others preserve these words only for the camera.


Jenna Fischer bra size is a source of happiness to her not because she has enhanced her breasts to the perfect Hollywood size but because they are the way God wanted them to be. This is according to the celebrity who apparently is not concerned with fitting into the image of the ideal Hollywood celebrity. Despite this, her breasts have made her famous in the industry. The idea of her breast enlargement remains a vague possibility with little evidence to ascertain it. This reduces her controversial boob size to an object of speculations for bloggers while she enjoys all the fame this will bring her way.


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