Alison Brie Bra Size

Alison Brie bra size

Alison was born on the 29th of December 1982. The American actress is popular for her petite body size and her hour glass body shape. Her hot body has earned her roles in movies, series and films with the most popular ones being Community and Two and a Half Men. She has also posed for Maxim magazine and made it to their top 100 hottest celebrities list. With this kind of profile, you can be sure that the celebrity’s looks and general appearance are out of this world. However, her breasts have been the latest subject for speculations. Her bust size is estimated at 32 A though other speculators think she could be a cup larger.

The Fuss about Alison Brie Bra Size 

There is so much fuss about the actresses’ boobs not because there is anything wrong with them but because they are considered too gorgeous to be true. If you look at her photos, you will not miss the firm and curvy pair of boobs. These boobs have brought her too much popularity more than her talent has. It is not a surprise that she is a 32 A. she is not among the big women of Hollywood but in relation to her petite frame, her boobs appear much bigger than their size. Speculations have suspected that she has had some work done on her assets to make the attractive pair they are. However, it is not that easy to believe that her asses are plastic since nothing seems to be out of place.

Is There Any Truth To These Allegations? 

With the lack of strong evidence to back up the breast augmentation speculations against Alison makes it difficult to believe that there is any truth in them. This is one of those cases where speculators are accused of getting carried away in their quest for gossip. The mere fact that a celebrity is hot does not necessarily mean that they have benefited from plastic surgery. There are some celebrities who are natural beauties and do not need to go under the knife.

Was The Surgery Necessary? 

Another way of telling a plastic breast from a natural one is by watching the movement. Alison Brie’s breasts are credited with the usual movement expected of natural breasts. When she changes position, jumps or runs as seen in her movies, the movement of her breast is indicative of a natural pair. If the speculations are true, then she must have had good surgeons who did not interfere much with her natural breasts. However, chances are that she is the same natural Alison Brie she was years ago and her beautiful breasts are as a result of her beautiful genes.


Alison Brie bra size is a famous topic on the internet. She has experienced an uptick in her career success due to them. This does not mean that she lacks talent but her boobs have earned her more attention. The purpose of a breast augmentation procedure is to enhance a woman’s curves and accentuate her figure. If Alison is natural, she does not need any of these procedures since she already has what other women get from plastic surgery. She is a natural head turner and her choice to keep it natural is excellent. She should flaunt all her natural beauty and stay away from plastic surgery if she can.


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