Amanda Seyfried Bra Size

Amanda Seyfried Bra Size

The American actress and model was born on the 3rd of December 1985 in Allentown, Pennsylvania in the United States. She was born as Amanda Michelle Seyfried and later changed dropped her middle name in the course of her career. She entered into the world of fame at a very tender age. At only 11, she had already begun her modeling career and later at the age of 15, she had begun her acting career. Unlike other child actresses, her beginning in the acting career was characterized by unaccredited roles but her luck changed and she was awarded the recurring roles. Her bra size has been the latest of her scandals with critics seeking to find whatever she has under gone a breast reduction procedure.

Amanda Seyfried Bra Size 

Amanda is a super model and naturally flaunting her body curves is part of her career requirement. Apparently, speculators have been monitoring her bra size and when she registered a drop, the gossip columns were full of her case. Her trending photos show her in low cuts and revealing attires that emphasize her much reduced boob size. In her before photos, she is trending in her D boobs which have reduced to a size C in her latter photos. She posed for allure magazine and her breasts were rated at 36 C.

Amanda on Her Bust Size 

Amanda openly told Allure that she has reduced the size of her boobs due to weight loss. She goes back to her photo at 19 where her boobs were rated at D and admits to miss those days and breasts. She spoke of her other body insecurities and her wish that some of her body parts where tighter than they are. Comparing her before and after photos, the sensational model and actress has shed some good amount of weight. Breasts store fats and when you lose fats it is natural that these fats will be the first to go when your body is shedding off excess fats. Her reason for the reduction in her bra size seems bonafide bit does this fact matter to speculators?

What Do Critics Have To Say? 

It is normal for celebrities to be suspected of going under the knife for any of their transformations. However, these speculations should not always be taken for the gospel truth especially when the plastic surgery is not so obvious. Amanda cannot be accused of undergoing the bob reduction since her change is not an exact spur of the moment thing. Some speculators believe that her change can be the weight loss issue as she has said but others think that there is still a possibility of a breast reduction procedure.


Looking at the pictures of Amanda in her 19years old, it is no secret that she was fatter than she is now. However, despite the extra pounds, she was a natural beauty and her D cups made her look sexy. In her current C cups, she has maintained her sexy since the size is proportional to her reduced body size. Plastic surgery has helped celebrities transform their looks and hold onto their careers. However, if there are some celebrities who still believe in the beauty offered by nature, it is a good thing. Additionally, Amanda Seyfried bra size has made her famous in her line of work.


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