Rihanna Bra Size

Rihanna bra size


She was born as Robyn Rihanna Fenty on the 20th of February 1988 in St. Michael Barbados. She is a musician, recording actress and a fashion designer. The young celebrity has been followed by scandals which have not affected her career much. Her career begun in 2003 when she met Evan Rogers through mutual friends. She then proceeded to make her first attempt at singing and later grew to become one of eth most successful Black American musicians in America. She is a house hold name whose prominence first struck after the release of her album: Good Girl Gone Bad. The famous hit sing Umbrella was the leading song in this album. She is known for revolutionizing her looks every now and then.

Rihanna Bra Size

The sensational musician from Barbados is known for her reinvention in terms of style and image. She has obviously gotten the world speculating about her looks. One area of focus is her boobs. Rihanna bra size is 34 B. Firm and sexy assets that have caused her too much attention. She is among the women who top the list of the sexiest black women and it is believed that her boobs have a lot to do with this. Despite the fact that she is known for her fashion crazy lifestyle, she has not been associated with the major and invasive surgeries. In fact it is thought that she has deliberately chosen to stay away from the bold procedures.

Plastic Surgery or Not?

She is among the few celebrities who have managed to keep away from unnecessary surgeries. She has been associated with a nose job but nothing beyond that .The change in her boob size occurred gradually eliminating chances of eth possibility if a bob job. It seems like she prefers keeping it small and skinny. Being a recording artist, it is amazing how she has managed to handle all the pressure from eth music industry. Most women in this industry are huge and curvy. If you look up the kind of surgeries common among women in the music industry, you will agree that they are fond of boob and bust enhancement procedures. With her slender body, the musician has made major success proving that sometimes, it pays to go against the conventions.

What Next For Rihanna?

The singer has proved to be exceptional n a world where there is too much worship for the curvy women. There have been trending comments urging her to get her boobs and butt enhanced. You can never be sure that she will oblige considering how far she come in celeb world. However, we cannot forget what old age does to celebrities and in the midst of all the panic, some of them go crazy. Looking at Rihanna’s body now, it is difficult to imagine what she would look like with bigger boobs. In fact, common sense tells you that she will not look proportional and in order for her to increase her boobs, she might also need to work on her butt in order to maintain body harmony.

Surgery Results

There is little evidence that Rihanna has enhanced her bobs. She is a natural and one lucky woman to have natural round and firm boobs. At the age of 26, it is rather too soon to touch her boobs. The future might present the need though and a breast lift would be the most appropriate thing for her. Unless she is planning to gain more weight, she may not look great in the huge implants. She is a pretty faced celerity blessed with eth body of a super model and this is all she needs to be successful.


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