Eva Mendes Bra Size

Eva Mendes bra size

Eva Mendes

She was born on the 5thof march 1974 in Miami Florida to Cuban parents. She was raised by her mom under the Roman Catholic Church after she divorced from her father. This upbringing made her consider becoming a catholic nun, a destiny that is very different fro who she is now. She is an actress, model and singer. She never made an initiative to join show biz but when a talent manger saw her picture in a friend’s portfolio, Eva Mendes career started then. Her initial roles in movies were considered B roles but her luck changed after she landed a role in Training Day. Form that day on, she landed major acting roles and costarred in Movies like 2 Fast 2 Furious among many others. She has also made appearances in several music videos. She is an image model for Cocio Chocolate milk among several other brands.

Eva Mendes Bra Size

The sexy Eva Mendes wears 34 C, a not so small boob size but perfect for her body frame. This size would look bigger in smaller women but it looks perfect with the model’s size. Her firm and perky assets have caused a debate on just how much of it is natural. She has been associated with other cosmetic procedures and this fuels the breast augmentation claims further. A bikini clad Eva is a hot scene making many believe that she deliberately had her bob enhanced to the current size in order to benefit her career further.

Has Eva Mendes Had Breast Implants?

Eva Mendes Bra size is a captivating discussion given that the star shows some changes in her bob size. The rumor first begun when she showed up with a massive chest curve leading speculators to question the sudden change, however, at this time, it was noted that she had added some weight and it was thought that this could have resulted in the voluptuous pair. Even after she lost most of the gained fats, her boob size didn’t change much making the surgery speculations more convincing. Maybe she knows how to address her body in a manner that flaunts her boobs but either way, her 34 C’s appear pert and perfect especially on pictures of her in bikinis.

What She Has To Say

When confronted about the all of a sudden increase in her up size, the actress was quick to defend herself on the basis that a breast implant is cruel and invasive: a thing that is not for her. She also added that she did not need the surgery insinuating that she was naturally well endowed. However, most critics argue that the actress will need the procedure soon. Once old age sets in, her boobs will naturally sag bringing the need for her to work on them in order to hold onto her career. Unless she is planning on early retirement, she should know that Hollywood will be o place for heart that time and she will be replaced by a young celebrity unless she strives to look young. Push up bra will be out of the question then.

Surgery Results

If she has benefited from implants, then she had a perfect job done since her boobs do not look out of place. In fact, she looks like a natural until other factors are put into play. When interviewed by the star magazine, she admitted that when the time comes, she will nip and tuck where necessary contradicting her previous comments of not indulging in invasive surgeries. At the age of 40, the need to nip and tuck must have also arisen and there is a possibility that she has enhanced a few of her body features, her breasts included.


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