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Beth Chapman was born Alice Elizabeth Smith on the 29th of October 1967 in Denver Colorado. The actress has had her fare share of celebrity scandals with the most memorable one being allegations over her Cup size. Throughout her career, she has been known as a well endowed celebrity. Her voluminous assets have earned her fame. Amazingly, plastic surgery speculations have not followed her ever since she was spotted with the huge breasts until the size of her breasts underwent a dramatic reduction. The reduction is not so much a reduction given that the celebrity is rated as a 42D. A comparison of her before and after photos proves that she is a naturally well endowed woman but the slight reduction in her breast size is evident.

Truth or Speculations?

It is yet to be proven that the allegations behind Beth Chapman bra size are true. However, there are some speculators who argue that Beth Chapman breast reduction claims are unfounded. If you have been following the star for some time now, you will notice that she had trimmed off the excess fats. It was speculated that the trimmed fats were as a result of liposuction in her tummy but the star speaks otherwise. She claims that she has been on a natural fat trimming schedule that involved a healthy diet and an extensive work out regime.

Breast Reduction or Weight Loss?

Through discipline, commitment and sacrifice, Beth Chapman was able to shed off the extra pounds. Although some speculators believe that this was achieved with the help of a liposuction, it is speculated that her weight loss led to the reduction in her breast size. Some have argued that it is not possible for a woman with Beth’s weight to have a flat tummy and her going for a tummy tuck is indication enough that she also had a breast reduction procedure. When women gain weight their breasts also benefit from the gained fats and the same holds for weight loss. Beth Chapman could have earned her new 42D through hard work.

Surgery Results

You loved Beth in her initial bra size and so you will love her in her new bra size. Most celebrities have come to appreciate the secret of dressing their bodies despite the shape and size. Beth Chapman’s choice of clothes are commendable since all her clothes are chosen in regard to her body shape and size. Her discipline and adherence to the weight loss schedule has bore her fruits. With her new bust measurement, she is more confident of herself and this can be gathered from her interviews. Obviously happy about the results of her work out, she openly admitted that she was tired of the way she looked and knew that she needed to work on her weight.


Was The Surgery Necessary?

Beth Chapman bra size was often the subject of discussion among celebrity gossip columns. In Hollywood, it is natural for celebrities with huge pair of breasts to raise speculations. Not all celebrities have gone under the knife. Some changes can only be speculated to plastic surgery despite the fact that other factors may have resulted into these changes. Beth Chapman breast reduction speculations are reduced to a matter of simple opinion since there is a huge possibility that the star has not faced the surgeon’s knife but has benefited from weight loss.


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