Natalie Gulbis Bra Size

Natalie Gulbis Breast Size

She is an American golfer born in Sacramento California. She is talented at what she does and has won the Evian Master Tournaments. Her body is described as athletic with her bust size measuring up to her hip size. She is loved by her fans and fellow golfers for her polite and easy to talk to character. As a golfer, it is natural that she would have strong hands and stomach too. However, she has been also speculated to have had some works done to her. This may come as a surprise but apparently, it is not only Hollywood celebrities who are interested in accentuating their looks. A golfer has a social life too and it is thought that her 34 B is the work of a surgeon.

Good Genes or Breast Implants 

Natalie Gulbis bra size has been the source of debates among fans and golfers alike. Some of her fellow golfers think that she is only a victim of celebrity gossip while others are of the idea that she is indeed a beneficiary of plastic surgery. However, very few people believe that she has had her breast enhanced. Allegedly, she once joked that she may have a procedure and this is thought to have been her sounding the breast implant alarm. However, if you look at her previous photos, you will not notice there is no difference in her bra size, she has the same medium sized cups. This may mean two things: that she has never had any surgery or she may have had the procedure at a very tender age. The former makes more sense and she could be a case of good genes.

Natalie Gulbis Bra Size and Career 

It is difficult to believe that the star had her breasts augmentated with the lack of overwhelming evidence. Additionally, her career line does not lay emphasis on physical appearance but on golfing skills, unless she may have wanted to look hot off the field, there seems to be no source of inspiration for her. Most of her fans do not seem to care much whether or not she is a natural 34 B. Her talent in golf and her character seem to be the most important things in her line of work.

What Is With Her Perfect Boobs? 

Every woman with a perfect pair of boob has not had plastic surgery. This time round, it seems like speculators will have to think outside the plastic surgery box. The claim that she may have had a subtle procedure is debatable without the obvious growth in her bust size. It beats logic that a celebrity will go under the knife just to come out looking the same.


Surgery Results 

Despite the fact that the plastic surgery allegations leveled against the American Golfer are yet to be proved, it is assumed that she must have had a subtle procedure and good surgeons. Subtle procedures sometimes mean no procedures at all. Natalie’s bust size has not undergone a dramatic change yet and it is unprofessional to insist on the breast enhancement without considering other options. Her medium size may also be enhanced by her choice of bras. She is a hot American golfer who has earned fame from her games. If the speculations are true, she should be praised for her decision to stick to the too little rule.


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