Mila Kunis Bra Size

mila kunis bra size

Mila Kunis Bra Size and Measurements

Mila was born as Milena Markovna Kunis on the 14th of August 1983 in Chernivtsi Ukraine. At the age of 3, she has grown to become one of the famous American Ukrainian actresses. Her initial television appearances were only on television commercials. Later, she entered into the world of acting and made her first appearance on the “That 70’s Show”. After this first appearance, she has appeared on more television shows and movies with her most memorable appearance being in her Film debut Forgetting Sarah Marshall. She is not the scandalous type of Hollywood and so she has not featured in many blogs. Her name has been associated with new developments in her career. She has been speculated to have benefited from breast implants.

Mila Kunis Bra Size 

Mila Kunis bra size has been the source of concern among speculators. The small busted actress seems to have found a way of going about her bust size. She suddenly transformed into a 32 B woman. A change that was attested to implants. Female celebrities are under constant pressure to look their best and plastic surgery helps them get over their physical flaws. For women, having the right curves is as simple as augmentating the breasts to proportionately match the body figure. This practice is too common and has rendered the procedure a number one cosmetic surgery for Hollywood female celebrities.

Breast Implants Speculations 

These speculations have been trending as soon as the star was see with an enhanced and sexy pair of breast. Her all of a sudden change was noticed when she appeared on the Bazaar journal’s the cover girl. In this picture, the pretty face Ukrainian American actress has flaunted her cleavage and the size of her breasts is much bigger than what you have seen in her previous photos. There must be a reason behind the change and apparently growth and weight gain has nothing to do with it. Aside from her breasts, none of her other body parts has benefited from any extra pounds. This reality has fueled the allegations with accredited critics offering their professional views on her case.

What Critics Have To Say

According to Dr. Jennifer Walden, Mila Kunis bra size is obviously enhanced through plastic surgery. She observes that the increase in the star’s cup size is only possible through implants given that other circumstances that lead to an increase in bust measurement do not apply in her case. Her comment echoes what the rest of the speculators have to say. The actress has not offered any personal reaction on the rumors trending about her and most of her fans believe that her silence means consent.


She is in the list of celebrities with awesome surgeries. She did not only have the perfect size of implants but she also had good surgeons who ensured that her surgery will not be too obvious. The world is becoming more appreciative of the role played by plastic surgery in ensuring a celebrities success. Celebrities no longer receive a lot of criticism whenever they have procedures unless they have gone over the roof and distorted their appearances. This actress is lucky to have benefited from her boob size. All you can hope for is that she will not get carried away with her already wonderful results and distort her image with the quest for a flawless appearance.


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