Lindsay Lohan Bra Size

Lindsay Lohan Bra Size

Lindsay Lohan was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson on the 2nd of July 1986 in New York City, New York. She is a talented model, actress and recording artist. During her earlier days in showbiz, she was known for her natural beauty and talent however, she is no longer the same. She is among the celebrities who have over indulged in plastic surgery to the point of aging prematurely. She has often been the topic of celebrity blogs either for her scandalous affairs or her usual police troubles. Of her plastic surgeries, her breast procedure has brought her to the limelight. Lindsay Lohan bra size is a whooping 36 A. The New York born actress is thought to have acquired her new boob size through plastic surgery.

Why Doesn’t Lindsay Wear Bra? 

Lindsay is not a fan of bras, in most of her photos; you will notice that she avoids wearing bras despite her huge bust size. When asked about this, she simply responded that she does not like them. She has always been the Hollywood drama queen and such a response does not come as a surprise. However, not everybody believes that there is any truth in these words. Speculators argue that her breasts do not need support because they are not real. Silicone implants are dense and firm creating less need for wearing a bra. Standing at 36 A, it is expected that these heavy pair of breasts need support but apparently the actress thinks otherwise.

Breast Implants or Speculations? 

If you compare her before and after photos you will agree that Lindsay’s breasts have increased in size. The breast implant speculations surrounding the star actresses are easier to believe considering the period within which these changes occurred. It is like she woke up one morning and her bra size doubled. This change cannot be explained with weight gain either, the rest of her body does not evidence extra pounds narrowing speculators down to the breast augmentation explanation. Young Hollywood celebrities are conscious of the shape and size of her breast since they are aware of the role played by their boobs in defining their feminine shapes.

What Does Lindsay Lohan Have To Say? 

She is considered one of the outspoken Hollywood celebrities. She has responded to the allegations leveled against her. Even for the most obvious of her other surgeries, she has vehemently dismissed them as malicious gossip. Regarding the bust size, she claims that she has been a well endowed woman since her teen years. According to her, her boobs have always out grown the other areas of her body. When a celebrity openly denies the allegations leveled against him or her, there is not much that can be done but look at her before and after photos and arrive at a personal conclusion.


Unfortunately for the actress, her breast implants are not rated as one of the best jobs done in Hollywood. However, there is no doubt that her enhanced bra size has earned her lots of fame just like the rest of her surgeries. Her image has suffered from her botched facial surgeries and her not so good breast augmentation is thought to be the best of her surgeries. The star has over indulged in surgeries; at least her bra size is a consolation since she is among the wide busts of Hollywood.


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