Jessica Alba Bra Size

Jessica Alba bra size

Jessica Alba

She was born as Jessica Marie Alba on the 28th of April 1981 in Pomona California. She is a renowned American Film and television actress and a model. She was introduced in the world of show biz at the tender of age of 13. She appeared in two movies: The Secret World of Alex Mack and Camp Nowhere. However, her role as the lead actress in the movie Dark Angel is what got her prominent. She won a Golden Globe nomination for this role and has gradually risen to greater heights. She is a complete sex symbol and has made it to the hot 100 section of the Maxim. She was also voted number 3 on Ask men .com list of 99 most desirable women in the world.

Jessica Alba Bra Size

Jessica Alba bra size is 34 B, a size. As a model, she has a slender tight frame and 34 seems the perfect size for her. It has been noticed that her cup has grown an inch larger from what it used to be in mid 2000. This change goes against natural order, as years go by, a woman’s boobs looses flesh and begins to sag. But this is not what happened to Jessica, her boobs got fuller and tighter with the years. Such sudden and unnatural change is as a result of cosmetic surgery. Although it is not obvious, she has surely done something to make her boobs bigger.

Plastic Surgery or Speculations

When she recorded the changes in her bust, it became clear that the actress must have consulted a surgeon. You should not forget that she is am mother to. This means that she has been through pregnancy and her bob size has undergone the usual changes. Normally, the breasts are expected to shrink back to the normal size after breastfeeding. However, the actress remained with the same size. It is assumed that she had the surgery as a precaution to prevent partial sagging that is the aftermath of cosmetic surgery as often as it is the case. She has followed the trend of most celebrities since old age is the number one cause of fear among celebrities.

How Does She Look Post Surgery?

One look at the trending pictures of the hot celebrity is enough to convince you that the boob job is what she needed. She is one cup larger and she looks amazing. Mommy makeover is another popular Hollywood trend for celebrities looking to revolutionize the concept of motherhood. Jessica has joined the list of amazing mommy make over. Beauty and success are inseparable entities in Hollywood and the actress is now ensured of having both. The world has become accustomed to celebrity changes and all fans are reduced to doing is to sit and wait for the celebrity to make the necessary changes that suit their career. Celebrities who ensure a disciplined relationship with surgery are no longer criticized but appreciated.

What Does Jessica Alba Have To Say?

The sassy model and actress has remained quite over the speculations. Some celebrities own up to allegations while some choose to remain quiet; Jessica’s silence is not unexpected. The dark angel star who is aging gracefully thanks to surgery has also defined the essence of cosmetic surgery. It is a high time that these celebrities start acknowledging the work done by their surgeons. Cosmetic surgery is a matter of personal choice but the problem is that since celebrities are interested in gaining favor from their fans, they have no choice but to have procedures with their fans in mind. The wrong choice can send fans the opposite direction.


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