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Emma Watson’s young age and her innocent demeanor have not helped much in shielding her from the trademark turbulence of rumors about plastic surgery, which seem to follow every celebrity all the time. It seems as if the entire world of stardom is quickly shifting interest from Watson’s successful performance in the Harry Porter series to matters around her bust, nose, and butt. Lately, Watson has come under consistent scrutiny because of the rumored changes in the size of her breasts. Speculations on Emma Watson bra size have been couched in suggestive terms, which point in the direction of plastic surgery. Nevertheless, Watson has denied any intention or interest in such processes.

Watson’s Size 32 B Breast Size:

Credible sources with sufficient levels of access to Watson’s private life indicate that the young celebrity wears a bra size of 32 B. In the ordinary sense, this size is regarded as small. Pundits of women beauty and aesthetics argue that small breasts are appropriate for thin women. According to those that embrace this view, the symmetry between the size of the boobs and the rest of the body should provide strong hints to natural beauty. Sustaining this argument would imply that Emma Watson bra size is perfectly consistent with the size and shape of her other body parts. However, the young actor does not seem to buy every detail of this argument because she admitted to some feelings of insecurity regarding some aspects of her body.

Will Bigger Breasts Build Watson’s Profile?

Is there anything insidious in Watson’s mild responses on issues touching on her life and art? Many fans would strongly disagree. A 24-year-old celebrity has fewer reasons to lie to her fans as compared to the more mature stars of Hollywood. Emma’s profile suggests that she is as natural as she appears. Some people seem to forget that Emma entered stardom at a stage where any girl of her age would experience significant changes in body shape. Many of these changes are easily noticeable in her figure, the size of her bust, and the tone of her skin. Moreover, Emma appears to project a very high degree of self-consciousness that comes with an increased level of attention to her general appearance.

Engaging the Stereotypes on Women’s Breasts:

Young female celebrities often come into conflict with a world full of stereotypes and superficial standards on the right body size, shape of the nose, length of hair, tone of the skin, and many other issues that constitute women’s aesthetics. Some of the celebrities attempt to strike a delicate balance between their values and the odd demands of the celebrity world. Others succumb fully to every phony requirement without considering the long-term impacts. Watson must engage the battles about her bra size in a way that would serve the best interests of her personal life and professional goals.

The Cup Size and Vulgar Display of Beauty:

Some guarded perspectives on beauty suggest that big breasts only serve to enhance the vulgar stereotypes of a woman’s value. In line with these perspectives, celebrities who flaunt their cleavage at every opportunity only want the world to appreciate them in terms of their sexual appeal. In the case of Watson, she should not struggle so much to seek some plastic remedies for enhancing her cup size. She is already beautiful, glamorous, and outstanding in terms of her great talent. There is no urgent cause to squander the girlish innocence that saw her shine above many of her peers.


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