Carmen Electra Bra Size

Carmen Electra bra size

Carmen Electra

She was born as Tara Leigh Patrick on the 20th of April 1972. She is known by her stage name Carmen Electra. She is an American model, television personality, singer, dancer and an actress. She is the daughter to Harry Patrick and Patricia. She first became prominent as a model when she appeared on the cover of the playboy magazine. Her appearance on the film singled to and Baywatch got her more famous and earned her worldwide recognition. This lead to her being awarded roles in other movies and series. Her recurring appearances were boosted with her dancing with the pussycat dolls. All these participation saw her transformed to one of the greatest American public personality. Her hot body has seen her top online debates on how much of her is real.

Carmen Electra Bra Size

Aside from her ever refreshed face, her bra size has also caught the attention of many. She is size 32DD two cups larger than her original size. Celebrities as beautiful as Electra usually have a lot of people watching them and the subtle of changes is recorded. When actress showed up with a sudden growth in her boobs, it was clear that she had consulted the surgeons. There is nothing unnatural about an increase in boob size, however, this increase is only considered natural if growth and weight gain is involved. Since none of the following factors apply in Carmen’s case, then cosmetic surgery becomes the only valid explanation.

Did Carmen Electra Enhance Her Boobs?

The question of Carmen Electra bra size has been trending on the media for a long time. Looking at her previous and current pictures, you will not miss to spot the difference. It is pretty obvious that she had some work done and the present size is a deliberate attempt to look hotter. You may argue that there is nothing wrong with 32 B, especially on a body as hot as that of Carmen, but apparently, she did not think the same way. Judging from her new bra size, she must have worked with the conviction that she will look better with a fuller bust. The celerity came out on the open and decided to bring the speculations to an end. She confirmed that she had implants which made her boobs two cups larger.

What Does The Actress Think Of Her Own Surgery?

Carmen Electra spoke to Fabulous Magazine regarding her surgery and it is sad that she regrets having her bobs done. She claims that she had the procedure after being influenced by a certain female celebrity. As a woman in search of success, she had no choice but to try out this procedure after being assured that it was the only ticket to getting what she wants. She claims that it took her a lot of them to get accustomed to having the implants on her body and worse still she has to deal with the fact that her chest is too big for her. The only thing she is happy about is that she no longer has to wear push up bras but she feels that she would have had an easier time with this than with her current situation.

Surgery Results

The actress is obviously disappointed with her new image which has ironically earned her enough compliments. The good thing about implants is that it is a reversible procedure and the actress can have hers removed if the pressure is too much for her to handle. She looks amazing and all she needs to do is to drop the insecurities and keep it natural if she cannot handle plastic because she will never feel natural in plastic procedures.


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