Bad Plastic Surgery

Bad plastic surgery

Celebrities look for the most possible ways to ensure that they are able to maintain their good looks and become more attractive as time goes by even in their older years. There are some serious surgical procedures that are designed to ensure that people are able to look more attractive at all times and maintain perfect looks. However, sometimes, the procedure can go haywire and the actor or actress will definitely start to notice some changes which may affect their life and their general health altogether. Surgical procedures such as boob job, nose job, breast augmentation, liposuction and face-lifts can backfire and cause a lot of serious health issues. We take this opportunity to inform you about 5 celebrities who have faced the knife and came out with a face full of mistakes that left many others laughing and ridiculing them.

Tara Reid: Bugled liposuction

Reid took a center role in American Pie as a beautiful actress who made a great impact for this hilarious movie. She however wanted to look stunningly hot after she entered then hall of fame. The celebrity decided to go for breast augmentation and liposuction to improve her looks. However, the outcome was more dangerous and it gave her serious botched tummy and breasts and basically a body contouring that went all wrong. Tara now admits it is was the mistake of her life undergoing all these procedures at a young age without considering all the risks and doing the right research.

Donatella Versace: Poor nose job and lip augmentation

Versace is a perfect example of a celebrity who went through the knife only to receive negative outcome after the procedure making her look uglier than ever before. She has been trying hard to change her nose shape and lips since 1990’s but it has come a time when the outcome is so negative and she looks even worse than before. A look at her past photos indicates the faux of plastic surgery that has made her to shy from appearing in public.

Jennifer Grey: Actress gone wrong with the knife

Jennifer’s career as an actress was greatly affected after a plastic procedure went wrong to make her become less favorite actress in the list of movie directors. Her previous face was beautiful, wonderful cute and appealing until when she wanted to change and become a goddess of the screen. The facelift procedure seems to have affected her entire career and now she is going through a hard period of life as a celeb with more difficulties due to poor work of the surgeon’s knife. She is rumored to have gone for a Rhinoplasty that was to make her more famous on the screen but the outcome was so negative.

Kelly Bensimon: reconstructive surgery gone bad

Rumors spread in celebrity circles like bushfire in 2008 claiming that The Real Housewives of New York City actress was on the wrong side of reality after she was reportedly accused of going for a poor reconstructive surgery that was to send her career to a bleak future. The actress denied the claims but a look at her previous pictures indicates a lot of changes that many of her fans continue to speculate in disbelief stating that she went for breast implants that did not work to her expectation. Bensimon is now living a quite life, and she may be contemplating to go for a better surgery that will greatly work in ensuring that she looks more appealing.

Mickey Rourke: bloated facelift procedure

If you thought that is only women who go for the surgeon’s knife, then you will be wrong. Mickey is rumored to have gone for a face lift procedure, left eye lift and hair transplant which did not work well. He now has scars and not so fine skin texture as a result of the surgery. Mickey continues to disparage the claims but fans and experts including Dr Youn states that he went for a bad plastic surgery procedure.


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