Erin Andrews Bra Size

Erin Andrews bra size

Erin Andrews

She was born in Lewiston Maine as Erin Jill Andrews on the 4th of May 1978 to Paul and Steven Andrews. She is a renowned sports caster who has worked for several television networks. She is also a television personality and a journalist. She began her television career as a journalist and later advanced to her current status. She hosts the Fox College Football for Fox Sports and also for ABC for the show Dancing With The Stars. She is a sexy woman known for her beautiful voice. As a celebrity, she is always on the spotlight for cosmetic surgery speculations. Being a television personality, looks are everything to her and she always has to be camera ready. She was blessed with the looks and a hot body with a firm pair of assets to match.

Erin Andrews Bra Size

Erin Andrews bra size is a whooping 34 B, a size that proportionately matches her body frame. One glance at her is enough to tell you that nothing seems out of the ordinary with her. If she went for implants, then she knew the perfect size which will not raise eyebrows. She has managed to stay off the cosmetic surgery radar for a long time in her career until the birth of the breast implants speculations. Allegedly, her bra size may not be natural and she could have benefited form implants. This is after there were trending pictures of her all over the internet.

Erin Andrews Looking Hot in a Miami Beach

Pictures of the extremely sexy Erin were taken with her clad in bikinis. After their circulation, the possibility of breast implants was established. Daily mail claimed that her boobs look too good to be true. However, this may not seem enough reason to claim that she has benefited from surgery. A good number of women are blessed with perfect boobs and they do not need surgery to make them any better. Erin could be one such woman. Another fact which cannot be overlooked in regards to the cosmetic surgery speculations is that her boobs seem to defy gravity. A picture of the celebrity in water shows that her boobs maintain their firm posture suggesting the presence of implants in them.

Brooklyn Decks on Erin Andrews Boobs

Upon the circulation of the speculations on Erin Andrews bra size, Brooklyn came to the television personality’s defense. She responded to critics and told them that Erin’s boobs were perfect and real. Erin’s boobs continue to be the topic for a hot debate among celebrity bloggers with them being torn into two unsure of whom to believe. The question on whether or not she has had her boobs enhanced can only be answered by her. Until then, the speculations are not coming to an end with Erin being the same firm busted woman.

What does she have to say?

The manner in which he has handled the speculations can make you think that she is an accomplished Hollywood celebrity. She has remained quiet over the claims throwing people off balance. Most women are obsessed with the idea of having the perfect body and those who were not so lucky to have the perfect body turn to cosmetic surgery. Erin never struck as the one to turn to cosmetic surgery but then being a public personality, you never know the amount of pressure she is on. At the age of 36, she breaks the record as the few women with the most pert and perfect pair of boobs. The question of breast implants will always linger over her reputation. If she had the surgery, then she was lucky to enjoy the services of a good surgeon.


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